Get more Views on your Listing with Images

Stats don’t lie and ours show that business listings with 10 or more photos get up to 7 times more views*.  Our recommendation? Add large, high quality photos and showcase the best your business has to offer.

Stand out from the competition by adding the right photos to your listing.

A good quality photo grabs attention and grabs it quickly.  When you have the reader’s attention you increase your business’ reach and the probability of your business being chosen over another’s.

The best images are those that show off the greatest parts of your business, whether it’d be the delicious food you serve or your friendly staff.  This also gives your business added credibility that your products and services can be trusted.

For best results we recommend 1440px wide images, especially for your cover image.  Click here to find out how to add a cover image to your listing.


Add images over a period of time

What you might not know is that the way you upload photos to True Local can significantly impact how your business listing page is prioritised in Google search results.  Our insider advice is to make sure you add your images over a period of time.  We recommend starting with 4-5 images on your listing, and then updating it regularly with two images per month to keep your listing refreshed.  When search engines see your listing is constantly being updated, they consider your page more important than others, which can affect your ranking in search results.

Caption your images

One thing most businesses don’t take advantage off enough is captioning their images and logo.  Google finds it difficult to know what an image is, and by captioning your images, you tell Google what it is.

For example, let’s say you own a plumbing business and someone does a Google search for plumbers, Google will pick up on the relevant keywords in your image captions and could place you higher in the returned results.

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