Find Your Perfect Gin Bar in Perth

With gin bars popping up left, right and centre, it’d take weeks to go through them all. Luckily, we’re here to help by picking out the best and finest!

Image credit: Frisk. Small Bar

Frisk. Small Bar


Cocktail to try: Charlie Chaplin – Hayman’s sloe gin, apricot brandy and fresh lemon juice.

From the grass-covered bookshelves to the dangling guitar, Frisk is a place that creates an immediate impression. It’s a cosy little corner of heaven for Perth’s gin lovers, as the selection is absolutely ginormous (sorry). Find out more

“If you like gin, this is the place in Perth to get it, nowhere else will you find the ever-growing selection from around the world. they also have wine, beer, coffee/tea and a selection of bar snacks. with friendly engaging service, regular events/specials and a cosy atmosphere inside and out, it is certainly my number 1 spot for a non pretentious drink.” – matteovinci



Cocktail to try: Southside Collins – Beefeater gin, lime, sugar, mint, Reagan’s Orange Bitters and soda.

Pleasantly nestled away amidst the Central Business District, Helvetica is the perfect place to head for a few drinks after work (or even during lunch, if you’re a high-flying Don Draper type). It’s a chilled-out, comfy, informal sort of place, and does a mean baguette to boot. Find out more

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Hula Bula Bar - Perth
Image credit: Hula Bula Bar

Hula Bula Bar


Cocktail to try: Kato Monkey – Hayman’s gin, mango, lychee, pineapple and grenadine.

Hula Bula describes itself as “a tropical paradise in the heart of Perth City”, and that’s spot on. The lush and leafy interior perfectly complements the beautiful tiki hut-style bar, and we particularly like the ‘windows’ mocked up to show a tranquil island setting stretching out beyond. It really is like its own little world… Find out more

“This bar is a little hard to find but it’s a little gem when you do. The atmosphere is great along with drinks and the staff. You feel like you are on a holiday island…” – Rambo69

Enrique’s School for to Bullfighting


Cocktail to try: Sloe Gin Crusta – Sloe gin, strawberry, almond, lemon and bitters.

Cómo estás, amigos? A Spanish dream awaits you here at Enrique’s, where food, booze, fun, and a mind-boggling array of G&Ts are never in short supply. It’s big, bustling and pleasantly tasteful, as it doesn’t go too OTT with the whole Spanish thing. Thanks Enrique! Find out more

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399 Bar


Cocktail to try: The Dirty Martini – a gin classic adorned with a big green Sicilian olive.

Boasting one of the longest bars we’ve ever seen, 399 is a warm and happy haven of plushy booths, bountiful cocktails and eye-bulgingly tasty food (seriously, the pizzas are absurd). The staff are some of the nicest, most attentive in town, and they’re always delighted to rustle up any drink you can put forth to them. Find out more

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