Sydney’s Top 5 Gin Bars

It takes a delicate and sophisticated palate to appreciate a fine gin, so in no particular order, here are Sydney’s top five gin bars.

Image credit: Archie Rose Bar

Archie Rose


Cocktail to try: Rosebery Summer – Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin, watermelon juice, Aperol, rosé wine and smoked lemonade from P.S. Soda.

As Sydney’s first inner-city distillery since the 1850s, Archie Rose wasted no time in becoming a beloved local institution. The bar itself is a double-floored joy of coppery, oaky elegance, and the staff are genuine experts who utterly adore their craft. Find out more

“This is the coolest place in Sydney right now. Had the best anti pasto platter, with some really unusual items. The gin tasting platter was really cool and liked how you can experiment with the botanicals.” – Anna9003




Cocktail to try: Blackbeard – West Winds Cutlass Gin, yellow chartreuse, orange citrate bitters, cucumber and cracked pepper.

If you can think of a better combination than top-class cocktails and a few rounds of Mario Kart 64, we’ll blue shell ourselves. Naturally, both of these wonderful things (and many more besides) are on offer at Blacksheep, the fun-loving bar that truly knows what the people want. Find out more

“Very cool bar in Newtown, they have a selection of cocktails and different craft beers, they even have mulled wine! We were sat in the back and noticed there was a N64 with Mario Cart, the next 2 hours spent playing that and drinking! Great little bar.” – jacoblewis

The Powder Keg

Potts Point

Cocktail to try: Chocolate & Truffle G&T – Beefeater Gin, white crème de cacao, chocolate bitters, truffle bitters with a side of gin and tonic truffles.

The Powder Keg in Potts Point is as beautifully decorative as it is alliterative, and that’s not the kind of thing we say lightly. With a choice of 110 (yes, one hundred and ten) different gins from all corners of the world, this is as close to pure gin heaven as you can conceivably get. Find out more

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Papa Gedes


Cocktail to try: Sacred Heart – Gin, Aperol, pink grapefruit, mint and rhubarb bitters.

The spirit of Haiti is alive and flourishing at Papa Gede’s, where a rich vein of voodoo mystique flows through the fiendishly inspired drinks menu. Even though they’ve recently won a stack of awards, they haven’t let it get to their heads. You’ll rarely meet a friendlier set of bar-folk too, and they’re always up for a chat about drinks, life, and just who exactly Papa Gede is. It’s a heck of a tale! Find out more

“Tucked away behind an archway Papa Gedes is a very pleasant post work location in the city for a drink or a snack. Selection of cheese plates, olives and nuts.” – ChristinaCo

Image credit: The Barber Shop
Image credit: The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop


Cocktail to try: Fleet St Cocktail – Plymouth gin, chartreuse, pineapple, lemon and bitters.

Traditional barber by day; gin and jenever joint by night. That’s the kind of thinking that sets the true innovators apart, and this suave, classically decked-out bar is a splendid place for a good time. Also, if you get peckish, the sausage rolls are bound to rock your socks off. Find out more

“Don’t be confused by the fact that you enter this bar via a barber shop!!! The bar is small but perfectly formed with a great range of spirits and cocktails. The alley out the back also has some seats and is surprisingly enjoyable despite the fact that you are in an alleyway. Definitely a must try on the Sydney small bar scene.” – spraoi


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