Adelaide’s Healthier Choices

Eating healthy can be just as satisfying as shovelling grease and sugar into your face, provided you know where to look.

Image credit: Bliss Organic Cafe

Gluten? Nope. Dairy? Nope. Genetic modification? Nope, nope, and nope! Bliss Organic Cafe may just be more natural than nature itself. A delectable organic, vegan menu awaits you here, and any place that does all-day breakfast is a definite winner in our book. They also claim to nourish your soul as well as your body, so that’s pretty good right? Find out more

Incredible cafe, amazing food and drinks, with raw vegan options. Will always keep coming back! – Alexiskaczmarek

TrueLocal - The Organik Store & Cafe: Healthy Feeds in Adelaide

Another all-day breakfast place! Even the sweet stuff’s gluten-free here, so you can be sure of a delectable feast that ticks all your healthy boxes. Also, they do something called ‘Naughty Juice’, which is cold-pressed juice mixed with a shot of organic vodka. We didn’t even know you could get organic vodka! Find out more

Lovely little cafe/store. Gorgeous staff!!!!! They are funny, nice, kind hearted and so honest 🙂 loved it here. Surprisingly larger inside than expected. Lots of seating area, for inside and outside. Great service! With tasty treats that are healthy and organic – TheMiddleIngredient

Image credit: Earth’s Kitchen Adelaide

Earth’s Kitchen strives to make its food “organic, local, ethical and most of all, tasty.” You really can’t ask for more than that. They also avoid conventional suppliers, imported goods, factory-farmed produce, genetically modified food and even microwaves! That’s a lot of stuff to spend your life avoiding, and they do it all to keep you munching happily with a clear conscience. Find out more

Great fresh organic food – lots of vego options. – adelaidefoodlover

TrueLocal - Two-Bit Villains: Healthy Feeds in Adelaide

Take a trip back to yesteryear where the sundaes were cold, the burgers were hot, and the music kept your toes tapping! Two-Bit Villains is a stylish, vibrantly fun 1950s style soda bar that serves “thoughtful” food, and happily caters for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those with lactose and gluten intolerance. Find out more

Two Bit Villains is tucked away upstairs in the Adelaide Arcade, and they have a menu to die for!!! They have the vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free version, and all are super tempting. – MvdHout

TrueLocal - Goodies & Grains Pty Ltd: Healthy Feeds in Adelaide

The ultimate health food haven, Goodies & Grains is a superstar superstore filled to the brim with organic fruits, soy products, grains, fibres, honeys, lean meats, herbs, spices, vitamins, and pretty much anything else your body could ever crave to keep it lean, fit and functioning smoothly. And in a flavoursome manner, too! Find out more

Took my parents here tonight and my mother was all over the shop in awe. So much food goodness all in one place! We are very pleased they stock coconut water and coconut yoghurt. – xbabydollx

Image credit: House of Health

Have you ever tried a raw vegan mint cream sandwich? How about a taste of freshly made gingerbread almond butter? Raw vegan couverture chocolate? Raw vegan cheesecake? Raw vegan lemon bars? Raw vegan brownies? Raw vegan black forest cake? You name it, House of Health will raw vegan it. What a time to be alive! Find out more

The House of Heath has restored my faith in eating with intolerances, specifically dairy and gluten-free. Not only are they lovely, friendly people, but they supply me with my weekly (sometimes daily – if they’re open!) vegan desserts! – girlwithnoname

Do you have a go-to place for healthy feeds? We’d love to hear about it, so leave them a True Local review!


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