Brisbane’s Top Spots For a Healthy Feed


Mindful eaters and health fanatics – it’s your time to celebrate!

Image credit: Paleo Cafe Australia

In this age of saturated fats, processed sugars and whatever is it they put in Oreos, many people are starting to turn their gastronomical facilities back towards their hunter-gatherer roots. The paleo diet is fast catching on, and what better way to introduce yourself than by visiting an entire café dedicated to it? Everything else will paleo in comparison. Find out more

Seriously good food, and nothing to eliminate from my plate! I’ve been Paleo for 6 months and it’s refreshing to go somewhere and not have to question the ingredients. LOOOOVE their chilli hot chocolate!! – glof

Image credit: Pawpaw Cafe

Papayas are lovely, aren’t they? So fresh and juicy and full of flavour! Naturally, you’d expect a restaurant named after them to display the same admirable qualities, and that’s just what Green Papaya does. Expect yummy, healthy food whipped up with unique oriental pizzazz, as well as service that’ll make you feel like Thai royalty! Find out more

Loved this place!!! Food fresh and delish, service was spot on, and really nice ambience. Will definitely return – MJ and MJ

Image credit: Funde Wholefood Market

Juices, juices, juices! Try the organic juices! They’ll quench your thirst like, well… a really, really nice glass of fresh juice. Unsurprisingly, Fundies Organic Wholefoods Cafe also has a whole load of other tasty organic treats, wholesome superfoods, and even a huge ‘design your own breakfast’ menu. Yes, you can finally achieve your dream of creating the ultimate organic Franken-breakfast. Find out more

Absolutely amazing, the salads are awesome, I love just walking around and the wooden floors are so beautiful and give the shop such a warm feel. Staff are very knowledgeable too…This will become my favourite lunch spot!!!!! – Wildwayne666

The true, tremendously tantalising tastes of Italy can be found right here at Colle Rosso Ristorante Italiano. Fresh, local produce ensures you’re getting a hearty dose of wellbeing with your traditionally prepared pizza, pasta and seafood specials. We want you to grow up big and strong, after all! Find out more

Wow! The Colle Rosso has the most authentic Italian pizza I have eaten outside Italy. My family have dined here on a number of occasions and have always received excellent service and delicious food. Our children are made to feel very welcome and love the spaghetti bolognese on the kids’ menu. – JemT

TrueLocal - The Green Edge: Healthy Feeds in Brisbane

“Our Vision is that we can help create a world where humans live in harmony, not only with each other, but with nature and with all of Earth’s inhabitants.” Now isn’t that beautiful? The compassionate vegan values of The Green Edge make it one of the most animal-friendly spots in Brisbane, but that certainly doesn’t mean they neglect the delicious factor. Find out more

The service was very friendly… There is a heap of parking and it’s nice to be able to do your grocery shopping at the same time – thehealers


Do you have a go-to place for healthy feeds? We’d love to hear about it, so leave them a True Local review!

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