Heavenly Healthy Feeds in Melbourne

Who said eating healthy couldn’t be delicious? Once you try these, everything else will be ‘paleo’ in comparison.

TrueLocal - Combi Coffee Espresso: Heathy Feeds in Melbourne

Sweets and savouries; raw, vegan and organic; yum, yummy and yummiest. This is Combi Coffee Espresso, and it’s here to give you the good stuff without sacrificing any of the flavour you’ve come to expect. The coffee’s not half bad either, as you may have guessed from the name. Find out more

Such a cute place with a fun surf-chic vibe! However, Combi is not just a pretty face, it also serves organic and many raw dishes with a distinct emphasis on health. So load up on a detoxifying acai bowl or a vegan sandwich (which was delicious!) and feel the health coming back! – starwoman8

Image credit: Grub Food Van

Alright, so Grub Food Van might sound like a tiny dive that just slaps some food on a plate, but in reality, you can expect a beautiful eatery that specialises in crafting incomparable meals out of the very best local, seasonal produce. Find out more

Had brunch here with a friend this weekend and I’m sooooooooo in love with this charming little nugget of a cafe! The menu is modern and healthy (I had a roast vegetable salad that was to die for), the chai is superb, the staff are so lovely, service is smart and there are delectable little cakes in the cabinet – fourredstars

TrueLocal - St Ali: Heathy Feeds in Melbourne

St Ali takes the whole ‘organic café’ thing seriously enough to have once been included in a BuzzFeed article about the most pretentious things ever, so you know this place is the real deal. It’s even tucked away inside a converted warehouse (you probably haven’t heard of it), so make sure to keep an eye out. Find out more

This is one of the best cafes in Melbourne. It was so crowded on weekends. But we had a great time hanging out with friends while enjoying the great coffees and cool place. – Q Tran

TrueLocal - Monk Bodhi Dharma: Heathy Feeds in Melbourne

Another ultra-hip coffee joint, Monk Bodhi Dharma packs a menu bursting with unique and enticing vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and even soy-free munching options to smash your hunger into itty bitty smithereens. Find out more

The best coffee in Melbourne! Love it. – Tanica

TrueLocal - Touchwood: Heathy Feeds in Melbourne

The cold-pressed juices! The smoothies! The teas! The coffees! The plethora of vegan and gluten-free breakfasts, lunches and snacks! Yes, if you’re looking for sustenance as flavoursome as it is beneficial in Richmond, you’ll have a tough time beating Touchwood. Find out more

As good as they come! Great coffee and lovely staff. – rose1503

Image credit: Yong Green Food

Raw lasagne, raw pizza, raw cheesecake (none of which contain any cheese, by the way), and many more raw choices besides, Yong Green Food is pretty much the rawest place in Melbourne, and it’ll do your body a world of good. So, step inside and prepare to have your taste buds blown apart then tastily reassembled once more. Find out more

The best thing about Melbourne; great place with great food and service that makes you feel just as good – clean green food, great serving size – Siena_c59


Do you have a go-to place for healthy feeds? We’d love to hear about it, so leave them a True Local review!

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