The Best Healthy Feeds in Sydney

Start eating these superfoods and you’ll gain superhuman abilities in no time. Probably.


Image credit: Bread and Circus

Quick! Pick two random words! Bread? Fine. Circus? Huh? Well, all right then. Put them together and we have ourselves a fresh, organic canteen, people! Bread & Circus is a colourful, quirky and utterly delicious testament to the qualities of proper organic food, and you’ll immediately find yourself bowled over by the sheer wonderfulness of the place. Find out more

There’s something refreshing about the simple approach to eating at Bread & Circus. Everything feels very organic and uncomplicated ? just good wholesome food combined with classic flavours. – ShrimpyNoodle


Image credit: About Life

A café/grocery shop combo, About Life covers every mile of the health food landscape, from vegan and raw diets to superfoods and food sensitivity issues. What’s more, they actually manage to make it taste good, too! So, head on down, grab yourself a soy chai latte and a sack of organic leeks, and feel generally better about yourself. Other locations include: Bondi Junction, Rozelle, Surry Hills and Double Bay. Find out more

Great organic groceries at very competitive prices, plus a very tasty cafe attached. I could spend hours here and often do! – sedky

Image credit: Sadhana Kitchen

Sadhana is a top-end raw food kitchen, and it’s the type of place everyone should take a punt on at least once in their lives. Like Magic Monkey down there, we’d also have to insist upon the ingenious raw vegan lasagne. That’s fresh, succulent zucchini strips laid over cultured cashew cheese, basil pesto, walnut mince, wilted spinach and chunky tomato sauce. Yes please. Find out more

Seriously divine! Deciding what to have is torture though, you’ll want to try everything. I had the raw vegan lasagne which was incredible. –Magic Monkey

TrueLocal - Cooh Cafe & Roaster: Heathly Feeds in Sydney

Do you like coffee, friends? ‘Course you do! As you can probably tell by the ‘Roaster’ part of its name, Cooh Cafe & Roaster is pretty serious about it too. This joint’s as organic as they come, and the menu is a glorious selection of varied scrumptious choices. You’ll find any time spent here is time spent impeccably well. Find out more

This cafe is a wonderful hang out spot! The layout is funky and have their own roasting machine! The cafe is a 5 minute walk from the beach and has undercover parking! The staff there are always wonderful and set off a fun vibe! The food is consistently delicious and all organic. Cooh Cafe has a lot of gluten free options on the menu and the coffee is to die for! – icedcoffeeee

Image credit: Egg of the Universe

Egg of the Universe, eh? Must’ve been a hell of a chicken. Stop by this sun-splashed courtyard café for some delectable wholefoods, and “a celebration of life showing respect for the raw ingredients and the land that supported their growth.” Lovely! Find out more

Best cafe in Rozelle/Lilyfield. Food is absolutely delicious and always fresh. The menu is interesting and varied and everything is organic. If you want a relaxed Sunday morning brekkie outdoors you can relax in their courtyard. – Dtodd

Image credit: Wholemeal Cafe

Wow, a café that’ll give you a whole meal! This fine Darlinghurst establishment features a menu designed by a professional personal trainer, and they’re very much geared towards the promotion of an active, healthy lifestyle. Personal trainers quite like that sort of stuff, you see. Almost as much as they like tank tops. Find out more

Had the best banana smoothie ever here! And bacon and eggs on protein bread. Only 1g carbs per slice; I couldn’t believe it! Bacon is crispy and nearly zero fat! You can even buy the protein bread online if like me you live a bit too far away from the cafe to stock up all the time – SarahSmithy91

TrueLocal - Lentil as Anything: Heathly Feeds in Sydney

No ordinary vegetarian restaurant, Lentil as Anything is a unique project dedicated to the fostering of a genuine spirit of community and generosity. You stroll in, enjoy a good company, good vibes and a good meal, and then you simply pay however much you thought the whole lot was worth. It’s places like this that give us hope we might someday really achieve that utopian future… Find out more

An absolutely fantastic idea and for a great cause. If you would like to feel what a hole cooking is like, then this is the place to go, great food, great vibe – JackE

TrueLocal - Agapé Organic Restaurant & Bar: Heathly Feeds in Sydney

‘Agapé’ is an Ancient Greek word that refers to both pure, unconditional love and a shared feast in honour of friendship. What better way to describe one of Australia’s largest and most bustling organic restaurants? Find out more

Delicious delicious delicious. Everything was perfection. We had the lamb shanks, wagyu, carpaccio and pizza with the merengue for dessert. Amazing. Service was also flawless – Michell126

Do you have a go-to place for healthy feeds? We’d love to hear about it, so leave them a True Local review!


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