Delightfully Hidden Gems in Brisbane

Look around hard enough, and you never know what you’ll dig up…


Heya Bar

Fortutude Valley
Live music? Stand-up comedy? Pool tables? Pan-Asian street food? Cocktails? Shake it like a Polaroid picture? Heya Bar is anything you want it to be, baby, so don’t be shy! Come along and settle down into your own shadowy alcove, and absorb the atmosphere of one of Brisbane’s most intriguingly underground bars. Read More »
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Gallery B


Gallery B is a bustling house of exotic knickknacks, thingamajigs, whatsits, doohickies, and various other assorted this-that-and-the-others. You’ll find everything from lamps to jewellery to hand-rolled Cuban cigars at this place, and you can even celebrate your shiny new acquisitions with tea and muffins in the café. Good stuff!  Read More »


What a great little hidden secret at Newmarket. Wonderful coffee and unique jewellery. – Shoptldrop


Greaser Bar

Fortutude Valley
Much like the greasers of yesteryear, Greaser Bar is sneaky, edgy, and unmistakeably American. The cheeseburger-stuffed menu and the comprehensive beer list form a very pleasing palette to accompany the rock ‘n’ roll tunes, enticingly dim lighting, and unfailingly chirpy staff who live to make yours an unforgettable night. Read More »
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Cafes are good. Wine bars are good. Breweries are good. You with us so far? Excellent! They say two wrongs don’t make a right, but three rights definitely make a triple-good time. Brew is a beautiful mixture of craft beer, impeccably selected wines and top-grade coffee, with a healthy dose of outstanding food thrown in for good measure. All the best things in life can be found at Brew.  Read More »

Tucked away down Burnett lane it’s easy to miss Brew, but you’d be missing out if you did. A cool-vibe, relaxed cafe by day this underground venue turns into a bustling bar at night, often showcasing talented local musicians and visual artists. Eclectic furniture and low lighting are some of the bohemian charms of Brew. – ReviewTown



The Walrus Club


The Walrus Club is joint that likes its secrecy, but don’t worry. Once you’re in, you’re in. An elegant throwback to the great American Roaring Twenties, when everyone knew their booze and said “ehh, see?” at the end of every sentence, this place is a stony walled haven of proper drinks, proper dress, and damn good times for all. Read More »

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Woolloongabba Antique Centre

East Brisbane

All sorts of wonderful things await your perusal at the eclectic Woolloongabba Antique Centre. From kitchenware to lighting to typewriters to roller skates, there’s always a bounty of surprises to be snagged for very reasonable prices. The shop itself is like setting foot into some mad time traveller’s attic, and the lovely, Fifties-style milk bar/café is certainly not to be missed either. Read More »

This is just my style, Retro and Vintage goodness, not really antiques but cool all the same! – LALARARA



John Mills Himself


The heritage-listed building now known as John Mills Himself dates all the way back to 1917, and you feel the history of the place envelop you like a cosy old jumper as you step through the doors. Whether you’re there for the daytime café or the night time bar, you?ll almost certainly add this venerable construct your list of preferred Brisbane haunts.  Read More »

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