How Many of These Delectable Hobart Burgers Have You Tried?

A good burger is like a work of art – it is there to be experienced, savoured and appreciated. Here are some of the best burgers Hobart has to offer, made by the Monets and DaVincis of our time.


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The Standard


The Standard is what they often call a ‘hidden gem’. It’s tucked away down an alley and kind of hard to find, but well worth the effort in doing so. The burgers are perfectly sized and exploding with flavour. Our personal fave is the ‘Heisenburger’, packed with all the bacon, onion and blue cheese you could desire. What was that you said? Something like ‘bacon bad’? No, trust us – this delicious dish is bacon good.

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The Burger Haus

North Hobart

A homely, rustic sort of place with an ever-friendly atmosphere, The Burger Haus is full of good people, good vibes and good burgers. All the ingredients used here are 100% quality Tasmanian, and it shows in every bite. You have to try the Wild Boar Burger, with slow-cooked pulled boar (yes, actual boar), fennel and Galliano mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, cheese and special Haus slaw. It’s a flavour sensation you won’t soon forget!

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Burger Got Soul


Burger do indeed got soul at this fetching little food hut. It has adorable burger angels on the walls and everything! It’s also got a certain magnificent morsel known as the ‘Atlantic Salmon Slammer’, which is basically Poseidon in burger form. It’s comprised of a melty Atlantic salmon patty, spinach, cucumber, tomato and red onions, with a yogurty lemon and mint dressing. If this burger wasn’t so sinfully sumptuous, we’d almost call it godlike...

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Jack Greene


A bona fide European tavern (just like from the olden days), Jack Greene is a warm and welcoming castle known for its beer and hospitality. And, more importantly, it has enough beef, chicken, pork, fish and veggie burgers to fuel an army of buxom wenches and beefy knights. There are 15 different burgers, actually, and that’s not even counting the mini ones! If you’re feeling spoilt for choice, go for the braised Wallaby Burger. With wallaby rump, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, garlic aioli and pear and pepperberry chutney, it’s truly unique!

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Battery Point

Preachers is so hip it’s got a bloody bus in its courtyard. A BUS! It’s a nice bus though, and very pleasant to sit in while you chow down on some sweet burgery goodness. Speaking of which, there’s really only one choice here: the Twisted Twin Double Bacon Cheeseburger. This thing is a heavenly monster, stuffed with hot relish, beef patties, cheddar, bacon, jalapeños, pickles and sriracha mayo. We can’t think of anything better!

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Now those are some proper burgers. Whatever your favourite Hobart Burger joint is, don’t forget to drop it a review!

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