Hobart’s Top Ten Christmas Hidden Gems


Get your Santa hats ready, fellows! We’ve got some festive cheer to spread.

Beautiful Artwork


World of MarblesSheffield

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Forget everything you know about glass, because it’s about to get tasty. World of Marbles crafts a selection of absolutely stunning works of art, and is rightfully proud of being the only art gallery in the country to specialise in art glass marbles. If you’re on the lookout for a genuinely beautiful, one-of-a-kind Christmas gift, you’ll do very well indeed to check this place out. Read More »

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Meat and Cheese


Wursthaus KitchenBattery Point

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“…a deli, a butcher/charcuterie, a catering kitchen, a cooking school and a premium wine and cheese shop”. This place is like the Leonardo da Vinci of food shops! Wursthaus Kitchen has been named one of the top five food stores in Australia by Gourmet Traveller Magazine (which probably knows about that sort of thing), and it’s a wonderful spot to pick up all your Christmas nibbles. They’ll even put together a hamper for you if you can’t decide what to get! Read More »

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Floral Wonders



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Flowers are always a good choice, whatever the time of year, and Botanical here is definitely one of the best. If you think you know somebody who may appreciate a ravishing terrarium, a personalised bouquet, or even a place on a fascinating, creatively stimulating botany workshop, then you should check out this flowery haven at once. Read More »

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Day Spa 


Hidden Cove Day Spa RetreatTinderbox

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A sprawling, highly modern spa surrounded by the tranquil, naturey goodness just south of Hobart, Hidden Cove may be just the ticket to relieving some of that inevitable festive stress. A relaxed and radiant you is never far away, and you’ll soon be much more able to grab Christmas by the scruff of the neck and beat it into submission. Read More »

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Antiques and Jewellery



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Ahh, good old Merchant! Going inside is like stepping into some eccentric old wizard’s attic, as there’s always a fascinating collection of bits, bobs, knickknacks, doohickies, whatchamacallits, and even a few thingamadoodles to examine. From elegant handmade clothing to exclusive Cocobean chocolates, you’re bound to find the perfect present here. Read More »

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Presents for Pets


Club K9, Hobart

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Dogs need Christmas presents too! They can always tell when good stuff’s a-happening and they’re not getting a piece of it, so you’d be well advised to drop by Club K9 and pick your pooch out some fancy new food, a squeaky new toy, a diamond-encrusted collar, or a five-storey, six-bedroom kennel with high-tech flea control and three whole rooms dedicated entirely to bones. Read More »

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Crafty Goodness


The Stash CupboardHobart

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Tell us! Are you, perchance, a fan of quality yarn? Do you know anyone who really, really likes knitting? You know; a true, dedicated pro who can whip up a jumper like it ain’t no thang? Or maybe somebody let slip that they’d like to get into the fine art of knitting one day (in the subtle manner people often do around Christmas)? Whatever the case, The Stash Cupboard is here to help! Read More »

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Kids’ Presents



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This place is just insane. An enormous, 26-room complex dedicated entirely to high-class gifts, toys, clothing and tons more. There’s a dinosaur room, a dolls, teddies and Disney room, a Christmas room, a pirates room, a fairy dresses room, a cats, dogs and frogs room, a food, wine and coffee room… Heck, there’s even a room spruced up like that ‘Tardis’ thingy from Doctor WhoRead More »

‘We stumbled upon this ‘visual experience’ shop only because a kind shop keeper a few doors up told us it would be a shame to miss a visit here while in LaTrobe. To be honest I’ve never been into a shop like this and I enjoyed the whole experience. Upon arrival we were pleasantly greeted by a lovely young lady who offered us a piece of their home made fudge.’ – sylvie22

Second-Hand Books


Cracked and SpinelessHobart

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A marvellous bookshop run by its very own Bernard Black (maybe a tad friendlier), Cracked and Spineless is the place to head if you’re looking for something on the more unusual side. For example, if you’re struggling for Christmas present ideas, do you think someone you know might enjoy a genuine 1822 British parliamentary paper that discusses the slave trade? Hey, we’re not judging… Read More »

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Hand-Crafted Giftware


Gather HandmadeHobart

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If it’s gifts you’re after, then gifts you shall find within the splendidly cluttered walls of Gather Handmade. This place is a trinket lover’s dream, although it’s closer to a nightmare for their bank balance. It’s just kind of hard to stop buying things when you start, you see. You just… you just need it, you know? You need it all! Read More »

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If we missed out any of your favoured yuletide destinations, fear not! Just leave a review on its True Local page, and we’ll see if we can’t feature it in the future.

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