The Essential Questions You Should Be Asking Tradies

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So, you’ve got a job lined up and you think you’ve found the right people to handle it. Might as well get started, right? Not so fast, Eager McBeaver! Let’s make certain these guys really are on the level first, shall we?

Are they licensed?

Not every tradie out there is actually licensed to carry out the kind of work they do, which can cause some hiccups down the line. Our buddy Karl from Advanced Craft Carpentry says that “The first question anyone should ask is if they’re licensed. Even if you don’t get a chance to ask, you can check online with their business name.” Too easy!

Will they provide a quote before work commences?

It’s seems obvious, but it can be easy to forget to ask for a written quote before a tradies gets stuck into their work. Asking for a quote ensures that both you and the tradie have a solid outline of the work to be done, and the cost of each component. According to Ready Set Plumb’s Ryan, everyone should “Ask for the tradesman to come to their house and give a price before they start the work.” Ryan knows what’s up.

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Meet Tony from TSJ Electrical

Can you see examples of their previous work?

The quickest way to see what a tradie can do for you is to check what they’ve done for others. The ever-sensible Tony of TSJ Electrical recommends that you “Ask to see some of the other work they’ve done – have they got any photos or evidence of previous work?” It’s also a good idea to check their website and other online listings for pictures of their workmanship. After all, the finished product you imagine might be quite different to the actual result!

How long have they been in business?

Put simply, long-serving businesses generally survive because they’re very good at what they do! You want tried-and-tested reliability with your tradies, so it always pays to find out when they began practising. As Steve from K-OZ Plumbing puts it, “See how long they’ve been around for. If they’ve been around for quite a while, they’re probably going to continue to stay around!”

Can they deliver exactly what you want?

Your exact requirements will always be unique, so you need to be specific when talking to tradespeople. It’s a no-brainer to describe precisely what you’re looking for to ensure that the company can provide it. We talked to Karl of Quick Connect Electrical Services and he gave us this very sage advice: “The most important thing is to be very clear about what you want. Always remember the cheapest price isn’t necessarily the best.”


Are you ready to get questioning? Find your perfect tradie!

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