Hot Chocolate Happiness in Brisbane

The worst part about hot chocolate – tipping the mug and only having a solitary, lukewarm trickle remaining. Fortunately, the cure is simple: more hot chocolate!

TrueLocal - Bitter Suite: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane

Bitter Suite

New Farm

“Beer is life; and life is Bitter Suite.” That’s all well and good, but it’s hot chocolate we’re after. Oh, what’s that? Peanut hot chocolate, you say? Peanut buttery, chocolatey creamy heaven, you say? Oh, yes… yes, that’ll do quite nicely. Read more

Excellent customer service!!! seriously top service!!! – shrroom

TrueLocal - Bunker: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane



Okay, so it’s not quite as fancily named as the last place, but don’t be fooled. Behind this humble, innocuous appellation (there’s your new word for the day) lies rich, freshly made and utterly delectable specialty coffee and chocolate. Go there and behold the full selection of ridiculously delicious indulgence. Read more

Probably the best place to grab coffee in the universe. They make their own chocolate! So delicious. – MicciMoo

TrueLocal - Cowch: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane


South Brisbane

Milk hot chocolate. White hot chocolate. Dark hot chocolate. Salted caramel hot chocolate. Deluxe hot chocolate! Suffice to say, if you like hot chocolate, you’ll utterly love Cowch. You’ll love it so much that you’ll want to marry it and raise a little chocolate family with it and retire together with it and… well, you get the point. Read more

Great variety of food and drinks. Also not too expensive for what you get. Great atmosphere and open till late everyday – The healers

TrueLocal - Place of Stones: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane

Place of Stones


Place of Stones is a pretty heavy metal name. It’s also a lovely place brimming with great food, drink and joyous sense of style. Head down for a beautiful mug of milk or white hot chocolate or even iced chocolate, served up with extras like soy milk, vanilla and caramel. That’s customisation even your most annoyingly picky friends can get behind! Read more

Excellent food & excellent service. A local gem!! – mcfarlanei

TrueLocal - Noosa Chocolate Factory: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane

“These chocolate coated nuts are the greatest thing ever invented,” was the initial observation of the agents we sent to investigate Noosa Chocolate Factory. It was also the last we ever heard from them. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Read more

The Noosa Natural Chocolate Company has such beautiful rich creamy chocolate. – Amy Neeson

TrueLocal - Ahmet's: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane


South Brisbane

Ahmet’s is pretty Turkish. Quite spectacularly Turkish, in fact. If you fancy ditching Brisbane for a few hours and losing yourself amongst the rich sights, sounds and flavours of Turkey, this place is a no-brainer. Be adventurous and go for the Orange Çikolata. That’s hot chocolate, condensed milk, Baileys and vanilla liqueur, served with Ahmet’s homemade Revani. Drool… Read more

This is a great restaurant when you are wanting something different to stimulate all your senses – RustyJ

TrueLocal - La Dolce Vita: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane

La Dolce Vita


“La Dolce Vita Ristorante has been a culinary icon on Brisbane’s famous Park Road since 1992.” Big words, La Dolce Vita. Big words. Still, they’re probably right, and not without good reason. You ever had Italian hot chocolate before? It’ll change the way you think, man. It’ll blow the doors of perception wide open. Read more

You should go here for the Italian hot chocolate, if for nothing else. You literally have to eat it with a spoon and may find yourself in a chocolate coma afterwards. – Ashton28XX

TrueLocal - The Burrow: Hot Chocolate in Brisbane

The Burrow

West End

Out of The Bunker and into The Burrow, we always say. The Burrow is one of those ‘café by day, bar by night’ places, and you should go there at once for some Mörk original dark 70% cacao hot chocolate, which boasts “notes of stone fruit, almonds and ripe berries”, and “hints of toffee and lingering dark chocolate richness.” Well? What are you still doing here? Get going! Read more

There’s a twist to the approach this place takes. Everything seems a little different to the usual, including the odd decor and the naming conventions on the menu. I can honestly say, it’s an experience to eat here. – out2often

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