Our Guide to the Best Hot Chocolate in Adelaide

As the weather cools down, it only makes sense for us to go on an epic journey of the chocolatiest spots around Adelaide. Some of you might remember that we made this pilgrimage last year – well, we’re back again with even more awesome chocolate treats!


Argo on the Square


Argo on the Square is a bright and friendly lunch spot with many hearty foodstuffs. The burgers are grand, the salads chunky and the wraps filled to bursting, but the greatest prize of all is, of course, the Cinnamon Donut Cocoa. It literally tastes like a cinnamon donut melted into hot cocoa! Spicy, chocolatey, warm and delicious – it really doesn’t get any better than this.

“I returned to try the food. The steak sandwich was generous and really tasty. The salad that we ordered was not 90% lettuce which was a nice surprise – it had loads of yummy stuff in it. The fresh juice was also great.” – 4chillis


Image credit: Chocolate No.5 Facebook
Image credit: Chocolate No.5 Facebook

Chocolate @ No.5


Chocolate @ No.5 is, as you can imagine, a pretty chocolatey place. They follow the ways of the traditional European chocolatier, using the finest ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavours. Their single-origin Tanzania Hot Chocolate is thick, smooth and luxuriously rich, and will make you happier and happier with every sip. It’s definitely a must-try!

“The hot chocolate was rich and flavorsome. As an accompaniment to our drinks we chose two genuine Belgian waffles, one with maple syrup the other with a rich chocolate sauce, garnished with strawberries and hand made ice-cream, other flavors are also available. The handmade exquisite chocolates a “coup de grad”.” – Trev Scott



The Loose Caboose


The hot chocolate in this gorgeous old train station-come-cafe is provided by Mörk, the Melbourne-based chocolate titan. It’s intense, high-grade couverture stuff, so settle in by the cosy fireplace for a moan-inducing chocolate onslaught. We promise that you’ll never look at hot chocolate in the same way again after you’ve experienced The Loose Caboose.

“Set in a old converted railway station, it’s fantastic little gem hidden out of Adelaides downtown limelight. They offer a great selection of modern cafe fare as well as expertly prepared coffee. I had a single origin pour over which was a stand out from recent memory.” – Matthew Smithies

Image credit: Red Cacao

Red Cacao


Red Cacao is synonymous with pure, blissful indulgence, and it’s a necessary destination for all true connoisseurs of sultry sweetness. This cute dessert cafe lives in the little town of Stirling, surrounded by the Adelaide Hills, and we can’t think of a lovelier setting for a salted caramel hot chocolate. This stuff is dreamily dense and strikingly flavoursome, and you should head out at once to try some!

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Image credit: Nutritional Republic
Image credit: Nutritional Republic

Nutrition Republic


You might not think that hot chocolate and nutrition necessarily go hand in hand, but we’re here to prove to you that the two are actually a match made in heaven! Nutrition Republic is an organic expresso bar specialising in creative vegan desserts, as well as ‘Matcha Hot Chocolate’. This is an expert blend of green tea and Mörk hot chocolate, and it’s bloody tasty, too!

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