Snuggle Up With The Best Hot Chocolate in Hobart

We’ve embarked upon a noble quest to find Hobart’s five greatest hot chocolates. Considering the abundance of gorgeous little cafes and hideaways, it was hard to narrow it down to just five. But, after much testing and tasting, we’ve come up with the yummiest of the lot!


Villino Espresso


A world-class coffee supplier right on our doorstep! Villino is a true godsend for Hobart’s coffee connoisseurs, serving nothing but the finest beans sourced ethically from all around the world. They do a mean hot chocolate too, which even comes with a cute little sugar cross-etched into the foam! It’s a dark, deep, chocolatey experience and we just had to go back for more!

“Hobart is fortunate to have such a supplier. The food and service, in the cafe was very good, if you consider how popular and busy they are amazing.” – Trev Scott


Whisk & Co


This bustling cafe is renowned for its food (awesome bruschetta), but it also offers a wonderful hot chocolate experience like no other. It’s called ‘Construct Your Own Hot Chocolate’, and it’s exactly what it sounds like! You’re presented with a platter full of frothy milk, molten chocolate and a solid chocolate chunk, and you get to whisk them all together in a giant mug. It’s immensely satisfying.

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HOB_Renown Milk Bar

Renown Milk Bar

North Hobart

If there’s a better combination than a milk bar and an old-fashioned sweet shop, we have yet to encounter it. Whether it’s lollies, fudge, chocolate or ice cream you crave, there’s nowhere better in Hobart in which to give your sweet tooth a proper workout. Order up a rich, creamy marble hot chocolate, and settle into a comfy booth to plan the finer points of your sugary spending spree…

“The Renown has been around for years!! Is a great little cafe for coffee or tea and has the BEST range of chocolates !!!!” – Conceptual


Machine Laundry Cafe


What’s this? A funky cafe crossed with a fully armed and operational laundromat? Machine Laundry Cafe is pretty much what it sounds like (and it sounds awesome), and its colourful vibes, cheerful service and tasty grub make it a popular haunt for many of Hobart’s finest. Go for the ‘Maximum Hot Chocolate’ (Dutch style, of course), and prepare for a huge bowl (yes, a bowl) of pure chocageddon.

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Pollen Tea Room

Battery Point

Pollen is pretty much the most adorable place in Tasmania. It’s like a tiny little higgledy-piggledy fairytale cottage, utterly dripping with rustic charm and wholesome cheer. It might take a while to get a seat, but it’s always worth the wait. Especially for a cup of scrumptious soy peppermint hot chocolate! It basically tastes like a Cornetto, except way, way better. Mmm…

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