Top 5 Most Irresistible Hot Chocolate Spots in Sydney

Hot chocolate is the liquid equivalent of cuddling a kitten dressed up as an even cuter kitten. If you’re hankering for a dose of liquid comfort, here are five places to find the best hot chocolate in Sydney!


Earth to Table

Bondi Junction

We’ll begin with something truly magical – hot chocolate that’s both delicious and healthy! Earth to Table is a tranquil little cafe seeking to redefine our notions of organic, raw and vegan food, and it’s doing a darn good job of it. It’s most famous for its raw desserts, but the ‘Chocolate Matte Latte’, is also a triumph of energising sweetness. It’s made of matte, raw cacao and almond milk, and it’s simply divine.

“vegan delight alert!! if awesome dessert and “hold the refined sugars please” is your thing and you HAVEN’T been here… what have you been doing with your life!! off the grid and raw food heaven, you would be among nothing but foodie friends here.” – conceptsbyzoe


Kakawa Chocolates


The ultimate chocolate hipster, Kakawa takes inspiration from the original inventors: The Olmecs of prehistoric Mexico. Now that’s old school! This is artisan chocolate made from all-natural ingredients, free of artificial flavours and preservatives. The chilli-infused hot chocolate is thick, dreamily smooth and bursting with intensity, and will kick off your day just as well as any coffee.

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Image credit: Daisy's Milk Bar Facebook
Image credit: Daisy’s Milk Bar Facebook

Daisy’s Milkbar


From the gorgeous milkshakes to the mac ‘n’ cheese in adorable little cups, there’s a whole lot to like about Daisy’s Milkbar. This ever-cheerful cafe is one of the cutest brunch spots in town, and its hot chocolate is pure fudgy bliss. They take a big dollop of their own house-made fudge, drench it in steaming hot milk and mix it all up, serving it with a nice side of marshmallows. Delectable.

“Such a cute hidden gem in the Inner West. As you would expect, they serve typical dishes you would find at a milk bar including breakfast burrito, eggs and milkshakes of course! also, love the self-serve cordial station.” – kningja


The Copper Mill


Picture this: a hearty dose of the finest quality chocolate powder, a generous dollop of creamy coconut milk, and a cheeky splash of regular milk for that extra-frothy finish. Sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s what you’ll find in a Coconut Hot Chocolate from Alexandria’s charming little spot The Copper Mill, and it’s up there with the very best that Sydney has to offer.

“Quite a cosy little rustic cafe offering delicately crafted comfort food. I loved the coddled egg with creamed kumera, served in an adorable jar, which was the perfect pick-me-up for the rainy morning.” – kningja

Image credit: Bon Bon Fine Chocolate
Image credit: Bon Bon Fine Chocolate

Bon Bon Fine Chocolate Cafe


Bon Bon’s delectable chocolates are often compared to those of the European masters who inspired them, and it’s little wonder these guys have been leading the way on the Sydney chocolate scene for over thirty years. Their hot chocolate range is ordered by strength, and we’d advise any seasoned cocoa-fiend to go straight for the 85% extra-dark, bold and rich ‘Ecuador’ option. It’ll blow your taste buds away, in the best way possible.

“Oh wow… the chocolates here are amaze!! All I have to say is… if Adelaide had Bon Bon Fine Chocolates, Haigh’s would have quite a competition on their hands.” – xbabydollx

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