Ice Cream and Gelato Galore in Adelaide

Surrender to the magnificent power of ice cream and indulge yourself!

TrueLocal - St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert: Ice Cream and Gelato in Adelaide

With such vague, confusing name, we honestly had no idea what this place even sold until we went inside. Turns out they actually do fine ice cream and dessert! And really, “fine” hardly does all the goodies here justice. Great, swirling vats of velvety ice cream in a veritable sweetshop of flavours await you here, so toddle on down and take the plunge.

Have still yet to come here for a dessert dish but took my friends here the other night for icecream.. They loved it! As did I with my cookies and cream icecream choice with waffle cone dipped in chocolate! Taste so good!! – xbabydollx

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TrueLocal - Bracegirdle?s House of Fine Chocolate: Ice Cream and Gelato in Adelaide

Again, what is it with these places and bafflingly unhelpful names? Upon painstaking investigation (including numerous stakeouts, lots of number crunching, and more than a few sleepless nights), we discovered that this one seems to specialise in fine chocolate. Which, thankfully, extends to ice cream! We suggest the chocolate mud “Ice Cream Bomb,” with extra Belgian chocolate. Explosive!

The chocolates are beautiful and so delicious. – TheMiddleIngredient

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TrueLocal - Gelatissimo: Ice Cream and Gelato in Adelaide



Apparently, Gelatissimo creates “Gelatissimoments.” If you crave gelato, you’ll have a hard time topping this place for authentic Italian taste. It’s always freshly made, and available in every flavour from chocolate truffle to pistachio and mango. Gustoso! Read more

After travelling through Italy, searching for the kind of gelati that makes you weak at the knees, I came home to Adelaide and found that I needn’t have travelled so far. Gelatissimo is absolutely the best gelati I’ve ever had. Full stop. Plus, the Gougar Street store is filled with friendly staff who are always happy to let you taste before you choose a flavour (or three). – Jacqui08

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TrueLocal - Royal Copenhagen Ice Creamery and Dessert Bar: Ice Cream and Gelato in Adelaide

Oh god… Royal Copenhagen Ice Creamery and Dessert Bar! It’s a soft, cosy little alcove of ice creamy heaven, and plenty more! The fully stocked dessert bar and drink range ensure there’s something to suit everyone’s palette, so do drop in.

Yummy sweets – senushka

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TrueLocal - Andersen's of Denmark: Ice Cream and Gelato in Adelaide

The famous Andersen’s of Denmark of California is now Andersen’s of Denmark of California of Australia, and we’re all better off for it. Make no mistake; this is proper ice cream we’re dealing with here. This is the kind of ice cream your grandparents used to indulge in while they strolled along the sandy beaches of the 17th century (or thenabouts), merrily whistling jaunty tunes between every lick.
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This is one of those places I reckon they were thinking of when they invented the word ‘yum’. Waffle cones – yum. Ice cream – yum. Chocolate & cream topping – yum. Between our group the other day we tried 5 varieties of icecream and pronounced the cookies & cream the best – but all the others were yum too! – seanaussie

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TrueLocal - Dolcetti: Ice Cream and Gelato in Adelaide



Dolcetti invites us all to “Drop in, have a coffee and enjoy the divine taste of Dolcetti Pasticceria Gelateria.” Don’t mind if we do! In fact, with 18 (eighteen!) flavours of rich, homemade gelato on offer all the time, not to mention an eye-catching array of cakes and other treats, you’d have to be a serious dessertaphobe not to want to. Read more

Have you been to Dolcetti? Tell us what you think and write a review.

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TrueLocal - Gelato Bello: Ice Cream and Gelato in Adelaide

Gelato Bello


Gelato Bello certainly makes us bellow! Not too loudly though, because it nearly got us chucked out. The gelato here is made with a genuine love of the craft, which practically melts through in every glorious mouthful. You’ll be reduced to happy, babbling, infantile state by the sheer deliciousness.

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