Ice Cream and Gelato Magic in Perth

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream (and gelato)!

TrueLocal - Geláre International: Ice Cream and Gelato in Perth

Geláre International? What is this, an ice cream parlour or an airport? The answer may surprise you! Well, probably not actually, since this is a list of ice cream parlours. Which Geláre International most definitely is. Anyway, expect beautiful ice cream made from the freshest proper ingredients (no artificial junk here), generously slathered over freshly fluffy waffles and pancakes. Read more

Such a find, comfortable seating, bright & airy, friendly and helpful staff especially when you find it hard to decide on its wide array of choices on offer. Half-price Tuesdays on waffles means exceptional value. Great to wind down with good company. – jaclynne

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TrueLocal - Il Gelato: Ice Cream and Gelato in Perth

Il Gelato


Gelato cones, gelato bowls, gelato cones cunningly placed upside down in gelato bowls, gelato cakes, gelato tortas… it’s fairly safe to say that, if you’re rather partial to gelato, you could probably do worse than Il Gelato Perth. This place takes gelato so seriously it’s almost frightening, but the bursting flavours and rich textures make it all worthwhile in the end.

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TrueLocal - Amore Gelato: Ice Cream and Gelato in Perth

Amore Gelato


Amore Gelato believes in traditional Italian gelato made in the traditional Italian way, designed to raise nothing but traditional Italian smiles. We don’t really know if it all comes at traditional Italian prices or not, but they certainly made us happy. And that most certainly is amore! Read more

Much to my delight it was magnificent!! It was one of if not the best ferrero gelato i have tasted it was heaven!! My husband tried the pistachio and fell in love with it straight away, and believe me he is a critic when it comes to pistachio. I recommend this gelato to anyone who wants fresh icecream. we will be back its my new favourite 🙂 –m3lanie

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TrueLocal - Simmo's Icecreamery: Ice Cream and Gelato in Perth

Simmo’s Icecreamery

Ice cream parlours are generally great, but ice cream parlours with built-in playgrounds and mini golf are super-great. Simmo’s is a happy haven of good times and utterly delicious ice cream; crafted using a secret, ancient Irish recipe, no less!
Often called the payoff for kids putting up with mum and dad visiting wineries, but that does not do justice to the quality and range of icecream flavours available. There is something for all ages so make sure you sample some during your stay in the south west. – traveller1

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