Il Carnivale di Gelato Messina returns to Sydney Festival

Il Carnevale di Gelato Messina returns to Sydney Festival 2016

Ah Gelato Messina, is there anything you can’t do? Having brought us such gastronomical joys as The Block (peanut and salted caramel gelato gracing a white chocolate, peanut butter and hazelnut praline base), Pannacotta gelato with fig jam and amaretti biscuit, and other such wonders, this gelato powerhouse is astounding us once more.

Dubbed the 8th wonder of the edible world, Il Carnivale di Gelato Messina is returning to Sydney Festival from 7-26 January. Now we all know that Gelato Messina never disappoint and we’re pleased to say that their new Carni Candy menu is no exception. Check out what’s on offer below!

Yeeah Dawgs!

Gelato Messina - Yeah Dawg

Milk chocolate gelato “hot dog” served in a warm brioche bun with passionfruit “mustard”, raspberry “ketchup”, buttercream “mayo”, and coconut “onions.

Messina Weiner (aka “The Pluto Pup”)

Gelato Messina - Pluto Pup

Deep fried maple syrup gelato coated in donut and panko butter, dipped in a flavourful plum sauce.

Gelatoffee Apple

Gelato Messina - Gelatoffee Apple

Green apple sorbet wrapped caramel milk chocolate and glazed with a candy red apple finish.

The Bearded Lady

Gelato Messina - The Bearded Lady

A cream cheese gelato paddle pop, enveloped in a thin red chocolate coating, red velvet cake crunch, red fairy floss and red velvet cake powder.

Duncan’s Doughnuts Bar

Five Millllion Dough-lars

Gelato Messina - Five Million Doughlars

Chocolate gelato deliciously paired with peanut cookies, caramel, popping candy “grass” and topped with a red chocolate glaze and white choc dots.

Better Than Vanilla

Gelato Messina - Better Than Vanilla

Vanilla gelato coated in a caramel glaze and paired with chocolate covered shortcrust.

The Biggest Gainer

Gelato Messina - The Biggest Gainer

Peanut butter gelato resting atop fresh banana, slathered with a milk chocolate glaze, crushed roasted peanuts and bacon sprinkles.


So come one, come all and feast your eyes (and mouths) down at the Sydney Festival Village in Hyde Park from 12pm every day from 7-26 January. All items are only $10 so you’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe that New Year’s resolution to eat more healthily)!

Image credit: Gelato Messina

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