Insta-worthy summer food goodness in Adelaide

Some meals just look too good to eat. At least without taking thirty or forty pictures first.

Image credit: Penny University
Image credit: Penny University

Penny University


Hey, this place isn’t really a university; it’s a coffee house! With salmon patties, brioche cheese toasties, iced Thai tea, multi-coloured cakes, green tea ice cream sandwiches (god knows how they pulled that one off)… we’re all going to be #instafamous… Find out more

“Brilliant location, just when you think you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city down a side street is this little cafe with outside street seating on milk crates! Its funky vibe also has wicked tunes playing and an interior of a up funked old skool vintage look. The communal eating inside is a wicked idea to incorporate a real social outlet!” – TheMiddleIngredient

Fresh Healthy Breakfast

Loveon Cafe & Deli

Mile End

You ever tried coconut curry chips? How about an Afghan lamb kebab? What about an ‘Infamous Chicken Cobb’? Well, we can readily assure you that your life will improve immeasurably as soon as you do, so head down to Loveon immediately for some tasty, tasty times. It’s open for breakfast and lunch from 7am to 5pm six days a week so you can really get your fix. Find out more

“This is an unexpected atmospheric retro bonus in an otherwise fairly mundane residential area. The menu is varied and reasonably priced and the coffee very good. It has a relaxed, friendly feel to it and unlike some cafes, tables aren’t squeezed in to maximise bums on seats, so there is plenty of space to sit inside and a good choice of tables and chairs outside. Hard to beat for a brunch, lunch or coffee in particular.”  Graeme D

Image credit: Nettle Raw
Image credit: Nettle Raw

Nettle Raw

West Croydon

Nettle Raw is Adelaide’s first all-raw café, and was even voted in as one of the fifty healthiest cafes in Australia by Women’s Health Magazine. So, yeah. It’s, y’know, pretty healthy. From the teas, coffees and cold-pressed juices to the smoothies, snacks and soups, everything here is vegan, organic, gluten-free, low in fructose, and utterly delicious. Don’t forget to #raw. Find out more

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Image credit: A Mother's Milk
Image credit: A Mother’s Milk

A Mother’s Milk


Speciality coffee is the name of the game here, and what a wonderful game it is. Hot or cold, there’s fresh, rich, high-grade options for go-juice lovers of all kinds in this charming little “rustic urban” café. We’re not saying this place is Nirvana or anything, but it does pretty damn good coffee. Oh, and all-day breakfast, of course. Why doesn’t everywhere do all-day breakfast? Find out more

“Excellent little cafe and one of my favourites in the area. Staff always friendly.” – Marky Mark 82

Image credit: Nutrition Republic
Image credit: Nutrition Republic

Nutrition Republic


Starting out as a sports supplement and health store, Nutrition Republic boldly transformed itself into an organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothie, superfood elixir and health tonic bar in 2013. There’s a sumptuous variety of body-boosting treats on offer, including foodie options like breakfast bowls, egg loaf, salads, and a beautiful range of raw cake slices you simply have to sample. Find out more

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Image credit: A Nature's Providore
Image credit: A Nature’s Providore

Nature’s Providore


The motto of Nature’s Providore is “food grown with love, prepared with love, served with love”. This stylish cafe keeps things local, seasonal and very much organic, making it a worthy and noble addition to our list and one for Instagram of course. Try the Vietnamese omelette. It’ll knock your socks off. Find out more

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Image credit: Goodies & Grains
Image credit: Goodies & Grains

Goodies & Grains


Goodies & Grains, specialising in “providing quality food and knowledge to people who care”. Choose from their flavoursome chia pudding pots, which have a fruity selection of blueberry, raspberry jam, and mango, to the indulgent salted caramel cacao! They’re bound to give your insta-worthy photos some flair, not to mention how nourishing their products are for your body and taste buds! Find out more

“Goodies and Grains is the best shop in Adelaide! When I moved to Melbourne for a year, I made my friends go to G&G and buy stuff to send over to me. The staff are really friendly and helpful, there is A HUGE range of stuff including lots of gluten free and other dietary assistants, and the food is all so YUM!!! I would recommend G & G to anyone who has not tried it.” – laurab

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