Melbourne’s most Insta-worthy summer food

Instagram’s ravenous hunger will eventually consume us all. We must keep it sated with heavily saturated photographs of food to keep us going.

Image credit: Operator 25
Image credit: Operator 25



Based in a beautiful, heritage-listed former telephone exchange building, Operator25 can rightly claim its place amongst the upper pantheon of Melbourne’s brunch venues. The diverse, highly trained kitchen team serves up a sumptuous selection of internationally inspired delicacies, ranging from Five Spiced Duck Leg to Coconut and Red Rice Pudding. It’s a glorious experience indeed! Find out more

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Image credit: Chez Dre
Image credit: Chez Dre

Chez Dre

South Melbourne

With its uniquely industrial, old-fashioned stylings, Chez Dre is not the home of fully sik rapper Dr Dre. It is, however, certainly a restaurant that catches many an eye. This sprawling kingdom of rich cuisine features seating options for all occasions, from communal tables to intimate booths to sunny al fresco, and the menu is bursting with high-quality, beautifully crafted goodies – get your cameras ready! Find out more

“Even the rain and the cold did not deter customers from sitting outside when the waiting time for indoor seatings was around 45 mins. Service was good and prompt despite the packed place. Menu accommodates to budgets – there are several choices of $13.50 meals. Serving sizes are just right. Lattes are good. Food are delicious. Nice baguettes too.”  – werxj

Image credit: Three Monkey's Place
Image credit: Three Monkey’s Place

Three Monkeys Place

Doncaster East

“Great food. Serious coffee” is a motto we can firmly get behind (although we’d also accept “Serious coffee. Great food”). Three Monkeys Place specialises in great food names, splashes of colour in their food, and delicate coffee art. We thoroughly recommend “Mr. Porky”, “Sweet Monkey” and “Under the Sea”, especially if you like octopus! Find out more

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Image credit: Addict Food & Coffee

Addict Food & Coffee


Isn’t everyone addicted to food? It just goes without saying, really. Addict Food & Coffee is a lovely place to grab a donut, a burger, a quality cup of coffee, or a whole host of other sweet, savoury and liquid sustenance options. Breakfast or lunch, it’s well worth a photo or two before devouring your feed. Find out more

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Pancakes with berries and honey closeup

The Kettle Black

South Melbourne

Now here’s a place that’s simply made for Instagram. The amount of work these fine folks put into the presentation of their tasty, tasty grub is truly wonderful, and should inspire us all to become food photographers. The service is top notch, the atmosphere stylish and inviting, and the menu varied, seasonal and fresh. Thanks, Kettle Black! Find out more

“Everybody is talking about this place so I thought I might as well go check it out. It’s a trendy, upmarket place for breakfast or brunch with stylish modern decor and exotic menu choices. If you’re looking for something different, give it a try. If not, they have plenty of tried and true breakfast choices.” – starwoman8

Image credit: Combi

Image credit: Combi



Raw, organic and full of wholesome goodness, every morsel here at Combi is designed to give your system a healthy boost of everything it needs to keep you regular. Grab yourself a coco-banana super smoothie, a chunky veggie burger and a big old slice of raw lemon lucuma cheesecake, and smile as your body thanks you. Find out more

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Image credit: Baba Sus
Image credit: Baba Sus

Baba Sus

Glen Iris

Any place that does all-day breakfast is a tick in our book, and Baba Sus does breakfast like a champ. From the Hong Kong Egg Waffles to ‘The Hangover’ (which’ll certainly put some chest on your chest), it’s all an absolute joy. You won’t need that early rise to get your #instaworthy breakfast photo. If you’re more of a lunch person, that’s fine too. The Blue Mountains Wagyu Burger is a bona fide marvel of culinary engineering. Find out more

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Image credit: Crabapple Kitchen

Crabapple Kitchen


“Old school hospitality and a love of good food” is the natural way of things down at Crabapple Kitchen, and you’ll have a hell of a job finding a friendlier café anywhere in Hawthorn (or, dare we say it, the world?). It’s a bright, airy, traditionally decked-out sort of place that harkens nostalgically back to a simpler time, and there’s little wonder why it’s so popular. Find out more

“Awesome breakies, great service. Worth the wait during the busy times. Good drinks selection if you’re having lunch too!”  – DavidS74

Healthy Organic Berry Smoothie Bowl

Bawa Cafe


From the masterminds behind Barry, Three Bags Full and Dukes, Bawa is a fantastic new café with a swiftly growing reputation in Hawthorn and beyond. The food is sublime, the staff delightful and, best of all, as you chow down on your chilli scrambled eggs, superfood salad or pressed lamb shoulder, you can gaze out the heavily windowed wall for a stunning view of Sofas Direct. Heaven! Find out more


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