Sydney’s Insta-worthy summer food hotspots

Nobody will believe how great your lunch is unless you stick it on Instagram. Nobody.

Image credit: The Grounds of Alexandria
Image credit: The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria


Coffee roasters, cafes, bars, eateries and kitchen gardens are all good and noble venues in their own rights. When you mash them all together into a big, glorious mass of flavoursome fun, plus you get something quite spectacular. That’s what you’ll find at The Grounds of Alexandria, and this sprawling, leafy haven of rustic splendour is one of the most gorgeous places in Sydney (complete with resident pig, Kevin Bacon) to enjoy a fresh summer bite. Find out more

“One of Sydney’s hidden gems, why did it take me so long to hear about it. The people, the place, the atmosphere, it’s an experience to say the least. They have everyone covered from the fresh flowers and food stalls to the cafe and restaurant it’s a great experience and the food is fantastic too.” – Sam Windsor-Smith

syd_petal met sugar 03
Image credit: Petal Met Sugar

Petal Met Sugar


One thing’s for sure; no one will ever forget where they were the day Petal Met Sugar. This ingenious hybrid ‘twixt florist and patisserie caters to all sorts of events, from weddings to birthday parties to swanky corporate functions, and creates incredible works of flowery, floury goodness to indulge the senses. Instagram can’t even handle this.
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Image credit: @willxia1
Image credit: @willxia1

Wild Pear Cafe


Cosy relaxation is the order of the day at Wild Pear Cafe, and you’ll soon see why it sits comfortably in place as one of the very best foodie hunts in Dural. The gorgeous nursery vistas provide an inspiring backdrop to a meal you won’t be forgetting anytime soon, and the brilliant staff are constantly flitting about to make sure all your needs are met. You’ll impress the kids too with their colourful eye-catching dishes! Find out more

“Wonderful location for a relaxed brunch amongst the nursery although battling for a parking spot can be a struggle. The food is great and the substantial portion sizes won’t leave you hungry. Always leave room for dessert because they were definitely the highlight for me.” – kningja

Image credit: Harry's Bondi
Image credit: Harry’s Bondi

Harry’s Bondi

Bondi Beach

Crispy rolled eggs or coconut chia pudding for breakfast? How about a tuna sashimi salad or grass-fed rump steak for lunch? It’s all fresh, local and utterly delicious here at Harry’s. The head chef, ‘Bryan O’Callaghan’, knows all about creating insta-worthy feeds that will have you drooling just from scrolling through the photos.
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Image credit: Sprout Wholefood Cafe
Image credit: Sprout Wholefood Cafe

Sprout Wholefood Cafe


Wholefoods are much better than partialfoods, we tend to find, so it’s always best to seek them out wherever they dwell. In Naremburn, this just happens to be at Sprout Wholefood Cafe, where you’ll find a whole host of enticingly healthy and wholesome treats. From the Miso Smoked Trout Bowl to the Middle Eastern Veggie Burger (and everything in between), it’ll all make your taste buds sing. Find out more

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Light salad

Showbox Coffee Brewers


Showbox Coffee’s roots lie in the strong camaraderie and punky, new-wavey haze of the North West music scene, and it’s since become legendary for its simmering atmosphere and outstanding blends. The food’s a revelation too, of course, and whether you fancy the ‘Not Quite Breakfast’ or the ‘Buddha Bowl’, you’re in for a wonderful time. Never change, Showbox. Never change.  Find out more

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syd_blaqpiq 02
Image credit: Blaq Piq

Blaq Piq


I don’t know about you but there’s no “black pick” in sight when I open their feed. Instead, it’s really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking summer food, that you’ll find at the enigmatic Blaq Piq. Be it the innovative green tea donut swirl or the irresistibly oozing brekkie burger that captures your heart, nothing but good times await you in this place. Find out more

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Fresh homemade waffles.

Porch and Parlour

North Bondi

Food and wine are always a winning combo (second only to wine and more wine, of course), and few places mix the two as well as Bondi’s own Porch and Parlour. Depending on when you arrive, there’s a yummy array of breakfast and lunch choices, as well as the delightfully nibbly ‘Porch Nights’ menu. You know the sort of thing. Cheeses, olives, breads, chutneys, pan-fried baby squids… wait, what? Find out more

“I went here a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved the place. It’s got that really laid-back, Bondi vibe down to an art, without it being too cool for the average punter. My friends and I squeezed onto one of the long tables outside and ordered different variations of the standard cooked breakfast. I usually order muesli, so was very happy when my order of poached eggs and salmon on toast paid off.” – Eatstreets


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