Irresistible Cronuts and Doughnuts in Perth

Cronuts or doughnuts, you can’t go wrong either way.

TrueLocal - Sugar & Nice: Cronuts and Doughnuts in Perth

Sugar & Nice


This place is so overloaded with sugary treats it must surely violate several major health and safety regulations. However, we couldn’t possibly care less. The things these wonderful people can do with cakes, sweets, muffins and, of course, cronuts is frankly mind boggling, and the sheer range of vibrant colours and designs will take you right back to your blissful childhood happy place. Read more

Best coffee and muffins in Inglewood. – J.Kirby

TrueLocal - Whisk Creamery: Cronuts and Doughnuts in Perth

Whisk Creamery


As the leading experts in the field of real Italian gelato (ice cream’s fancy cousin from out of town), the good folks at Whisk Creamery are here to make your tummy tingle. Everything is so beautifully presented you almost feel bad about eating it. Well, until you actually start, of course! Trust us; cronuts plus gelato is a marvellous thing, and you owe it to everything you hold dear to try it out. Read more

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TrueLocal - Lawleys Bakery Café: Cronuts and Doughnuts in Perth

Lawleys Bakery Café

Mount Lawley

From the moment you step inside Lawleys Bakery Café, you’ll believe in the power of pastry once more. This European-influenced bastion of good eating is awash with the scent of baked perfection, and the warm, crumbling cronuts are merely the tip of the culinary iceberg. Plus, they’re served on those dainty little lacey, clothy, napkiny things! What more could you want? Read more

Lawleys is fast becoming a Mount Lawley institution. – Bexy

TrueLocal - The Banker Cafe: Cronuts and Doughnuts in Perth

The Banker Cafe


It’s worth keeping tabs on The Banker Cafe for a multitude of reasons, but none more so than the tasty, tasty doughnuts. They aren’t always available, but make sure you’re on top of things when they are (as missing out on them is actually a leading cause of depression in Perth). With everything from the simple classics to more elaborate, whimsical designs (Oreos!), this is how you doughnut properly. Read more

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TrueLocal - Top Dup: Cronuts and Doughnuts in Perth

Top Dup


Keep an eye out around Perth, as you can never be sure where Top Dup will strike next! A talented bunch of passionate chefs, these guys deliver an astounding range of utterly stunning handmade doughnuts throughout the city. Raspberry jam, Nutella mousse, maple-toffee crunch, blackcurrant curd, lemon curd, orange curd, Mars Bar cheesecake? it goes on and on into an endless vortex of yes!
Read more

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