Irresistible Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

You look like you could use some ice cream!

TrueLocal - Aqua S: Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

Aqua S


You ever tried sea salt gelato? You might not like the sound of it but like us, you’ll quickly come around once you tuck into this unique delicacy at Aqua S. Even if you don’t, they still get in loads of new flavours every week to keep sea salt company, so you’re bound to find something suitable.

What can I say.. It was an unusual taste but it was delicious. –Wasteland

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TrueLocal - RivaReno Gelato: Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

RivaReno Gelato

Surry Hills

Did you know that RivaReno was created by two Italian gelato makers and three of their mates? We’re not sure what their mates did – probably something deliciously fabulous but either way, this unlikely quintet makes damn good gelato, so please do go check it out.

Dare I say it? That I think the gelato at RivaReno is better than Messina? Given, I’ve had way more gelati and cakes from Messina in my lifetime than the one scoop I had at RivaReno, but the Bacio gelato I had at RivaReno took me right back to Giolitti in Rome. (I did not visit RivaReno in Rome.) – jojostuff

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TrueLocal - Gelato Messina: Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

Gelato Messina


Fresh, proper gelato made freshly and properly every day, with only the freshest and most properest of local ingredients, too! Gelato Messina is a bit of a heavy hitter when it comes to frozen treats, operating on Victoria Street since 2002 and accumulating over 40 different flavours of creamy goodness. It’ll take you a while to get through all that lot, so you better get a move on.

Delicious gelato with a wide variety – I always pop by here to get my sugar fix. The staff are always helpful and welcoming so it makes picking a flavour that much more difficult! Nonetheless, I have never been disappointed with a flavour here and believe me, I’ve tried most of them! – trombellari

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TrueLocal - N2 Extreme Gelato: Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

“We are a maddening bunch, cream-puff-crazy over creating flavours that have only existed in the collective imaginations of the Nasalis Larvatus.” Look, these people are clearly insane, we know, but so are a lot of geniuses. The flavours they create are so strange that they’re probably illegal in several states, but they’re all tons of fun nonetheless.

Funky little Gelato. It is a novelty place but deffo worth a look. What nice is that they change their flavors on a weekly basis. Not too expensive 6-8$ a serving and there is plenty. If you are going on your lunch arrive early it is busy every day. – SBC84

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TrueLocal - Cow & The Moon: Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

What is it with cows and moons? They’re always jumping over each other and opening ice cream bars and stuff. Cow & The Moon, while sounding a terrible radio duo, is actually an extremely nice gelato/dessert/coffee bar in Enmore, where you can consume your fill of splendid, award-winning goodies to your heart’s content. The best gelato in the world? Yes please!

Boys and girls, gather around. Come close. Listen, I’ve travelled far and wide to sample some of the most esteemed gelato in all of Rome. From the hyped gelato parlours like Grom to the awesome fresh fruit driven Gelateria del Teatro. So when I heard that Cow & Moon won the award for “World’s best gelato”, I was sceptical. Let me tell you that the hype is real. – atan7

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TrueLocal - Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream: Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

You may have tried ice cream before (we’re really going out on a limb with that one, we know), but have you tried Turkish ice cream? And, if you have tried Turkish ice cream, have you tried handmade Turkish ice cream, meticulously crafted using the traditional “pulling and stretching” technique perfected by Turkish street vendors? No? Well then! Off to Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream with you!

The ice cream itself, the piece de resistance is both sweet, yet subtle and not sickly. It’s indeed stretchy, but still maintains it’s “ice cream” quality of cold and smooth. It’s hard to explain, it’s pretty excellent. –Nnyy

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