What’s Happening in Hobart This July

Whats Happening July 2016-Hobart

Need to know where to spend this month other than hiding in your house eating soup and binge-watching Netflix shows? We’ve found Hobart’s best events and festivals that make it worth getting out of your snuggly PJs and slippers for.


Meow Royale

Date: 8-9 July
Location: Theatre Royal

Meow Meow is one of the most unique performers around, and for two nights only, she’s teaming up with the Orchester der kleinen Regiment and the Tasmanian Lilliputian Choir for an incredible performance not to be missed. The riveting song cycle features original music from the cabaret queen herself as well as collaborations, and the 75-minute show at the historic Theatre Royal will be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Find out more


The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever

Date: 16 July
Location: Hobart Regatta Grounds 

July 16 is, for some reason, international The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, and people around the world will be celebrating Kate Bush’s ‘iconic’ film clip for her 1978 song Wuthering Heights. Attendees to The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever are asked to don a baggy red dress, red tights, a black belt and whatever else you feel you need to be appropriately Bushed up, where the gathering will then recreate the video in all of its glory.

You can find a mirrored version of the clip on YouTube to practice your moves, which is probably a whole lot more rehearsal than Kate herself did in preparation for the video. Open to all genders and ages, the event is going to be the most fun you could possibly have on a hill in a red dress singing about waiting for Heathcliffe. Find out more


Festival of Voices

Date: till 17 July
Location: Various 

Raise your voices, Hobart, for the annual Festival of Voices happening throughout the city this month up until the 17th. A fantastic range of local, national and international performers will take the stage with more styles and genres than you can poke a conductor’s baton at. You can also work on perfecting your own harmonies with workshops, masterclasses and short courses conducted by some of the top vocal instructors in the world. Find out more


Whisky Live

Date: 30 July
Location: Grand Chancellor 

Whisky (or whiskey if you prefer) is more than just something you throw in with coke to booze it up; it’s a complex fermented spirit that has a diverse range of tasting notes and flavours created by artisans around the world. Become an expert by heading to the Grand Chancellor Hotel and have a taste of the best whiskies our country and the world has to offer. Have a chat to the people who dedicate their lives to the spirit, try some trusty old favourites and newbies on the block, and sample some of the rarest stuff you’re likely to find from closed distilleries, special bottlings, sold out styles and very old whisky. Find out more 

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