Adelaide’s 5 Happiest Kidult Hotspots

Grownup life can get pretty boring, so it’s nice to look back to your rose-tinted youth every once in a while. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the five best places in Adelaide for your inner child to let loose – have fun!


Paintball Skirmish SA


Paintballing is one of the purest forms of stress relief, allowing us to simultaneously get back to nature and give our mates some killer bruises. Paintball Skirmish SA is one of the most well run courses around, with Barry and the boys keeping everything safe, organised and immensely fun.

“Brilliant little organisation! perfect set up. the people are beautiful, and are so helpful! prices are reasonable – but boy oh boy watch out for the after math – bruises hurt for soooooo long!!! 🙁 but loved every minute of it” – TheMiddleIngredient

Image credit: The Beach House
Image credit: The Beach House

The Beach House


As soon as you see the heated waterslides erupting from building’s exterior like twisting Kraken tentacles, you can tell you’re in for a good time at The Beach House. This high-tech amusement centre is only 20 minutes from the CBD, and it’s absolutely packed with dodgems, arcade games, bumper boats, mini golf, a Ferris wheel, and even a train! Pure kidult heaven.

“Really busy at the beach house today which made it all-the-more fun and alive! We all had fun on the bumper cars and enjoyed a scoop of icecream afterwards! Fun place to go to in Glenelg! – xbabydollx”

Image credit: Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe
Image credit: Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe

The Hungry Hippo

West End

The Hungry Hippo is one of the best things to happen to Adelaide in years. It’s a dedicated ‘board game cafe’, where friends can gather and lose hours in a flurry of fun and food (try the ‘Battlechips’ and a cheeky spiked milkshake). The games list is huge, ranging from old staples like Scrabble and Risk to a wealth of niche titles. X-Files, anyone? Panic On Wall Street? Twilight? You’ll find it all here!

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Image credit: Latitude
Image credit: Latitude



Yep, the gravity-defying Melbourne favourite Latitude has come to Adelaide! The new Greenacres site is Australia’s first fully integrated trampoline and climbing centre, and it’s a state-of-the-art playground of aerodynamic hijinks. From simple trampolining to sky walking, dodgeball, beam battling, down rushing and extra-bouncy basketball, there’s something here to give everyone an awesome workout.

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Image credit: JamFactory
Image credit: JamFactory



Remember all those great pasta artworks you made as a child? Well, it’s time to relieve the good old days! JamFactory is a highly respected organisation dedicated to showcasing local art, design and craftsmanship. It’s been proudly serving communities for over 40 years, and its popular workshops cover everything from beading to silver jewellery to ceramics. They’re a brilliant way to learn new skills and forms of expression in a friendly, relaxed environment, so give one a try sometime!

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