The 5 Most Awesome Kidult Activities In Brisbane

Brisbane’s full of ways to chill out and reconnect with your younger self, and they’re definitely worth exploring. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of our five favourite places to relieve the good old days!

Image credit: Hands on Brisbane
Image credit: Hands on Brisbane

Hands On Brisbane


Do you remember how easily you used to pick things up as a kid? Well, it’s time to start  learning again! From rag rugs to cross stitching to smartphone photography, Hands on Brisbane is a wonderful way to pick up a hobby that’ll stick with you for life. Whether you want to paint watercolours or create some cute little felt figurines, the workshops run here are engaging, enjoyable and endlessly rewarding. The instructors are genuinely lovely, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

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Image credit: Riverlife
Image credit: Riverlife


Kangaroo Point

If your inner child likes nothing more than rollerblading, rock climbing or taming the Brisbane River through the mighty power of kayaking, Riverlife will be right up your alley. This company offers affordable outdoor escapades to anyone, from hardy adventurers to born-and-bred urbanites who barely even know where the park is. It’s all tons of fun and 100% safe, so drop them a line sometime.

“Riverlife is one of Brisbane’s hidden treasures! Having lived by the river in New Farm for a number of year, I didn’t even know it existed until a friend invited me a long to a small beer tasting event. What a great spot! Good people, great views…abseiling, kayaking etc! The perfect place to challenge the boys or take a first date. Beats a boring date any day. 10/10 would recommend” – jr25

Image credit: Cork and Chroma Brisbane
Image credit: Cork and Chroma Brisbane

Cork & Chroma

South Brisbane

Like many, you probably gave up on art around age 10 (but your mum still has your crayon drawings on the fridge). You either have it or you don’t, right? Wrong. Painting can be learned just like any other skill, and Cork & Chroma’s laid-back classes are the perfect way to do it. You’ll receive friendly, expert guidance the whole time, and you simply won’t believe the masterpiece you create after just a single session. All you have to do is bring the wine!

“Have been here so many times as they have a great range of painting classes as well as the occasional ceramic painting and line art doodling. I’ve introduced so many friends to the class and every single one of them have enjoyed it. I’m not a painter, but this class really makes it easy to paint great pieces and I always finish my painting by the end of the class that I can keep and take home.” – Kristy W


Digi Rollerskating


If you’re looking for some kidult goodness to share with your actual kid, then Digi Rollerskating is ideal. Even if neither of you have ever even considered strapping wheels to your feet before, you’ll have a real a blast at this colourful, super-welcoming skate rink. There’s tons of activities to try, and don’t be surprised to find yourself planning a birthday party here before too long…

“Digi Rollerskating is a great place to ware out the children. They have good sessions with variety of actives for them. It is even good for the older children that the children call Mum and Dad” – bmurray225


Strike Bowling Bar


Despite the name, Strike Bowling Bar is much more than just bowling and booze. There’s also private karaoke rooms, Next Level Laser Tag (it’s got a storyline and everything!), and even a fiendish escape room with a range of spine-chilling themes to test your wits and resolve. From catching a serial killer to surviving on the moon, this is state-of-the-art stuff and guaranteed to be a hit. Give it a try!

“Alcohol and bowling. They go great together.” – Fishstar

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