Unleash Your Inner Child at Perth’s Top 5 Kidult Havens

You might be a fully matured adult now (with a job and taxes and health cover), but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself. In fact, we think that it’s very important that you still take some time out to just have fun and to help you on your journey, here are a few ways to rediscover your inner child!

Image credit: The Maze
Image credit: The Maze

The Maze


The Maze is the perfect place to begin, boasting 32 acres of wildlife, mini golf, gas barbeques and, of course, the largest timber maze in Perth. Solve the puzzles, pet the koalas, melt at the sight of the baby emus and kangaroos, and kick back with a drink and a snack at the breezy Cafe Iguana. Then get right back out there again, because there’s still giant chess, the colourful aviary and much more!

“Great for family outings! Featuring mazes, animals, water slide, Putt putt golf and large picnic and BBQ areas” – Nina Bow


Ninja Academy

Osborne Park

Don’t tell us this one didn’t perk your interest. Ninja Academy strives to promote healthiness and active living in Perth. What’s better is that it does so in the coolest way possible with its state-of-the-art mixed movement and obstacle training facilities. It’s got the most impressive Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course in Australia, and offers everything from bouldering to martial arts for students of all levels.

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The Bead Company

Osborne Park

Have you ever considered making your own jewellery? It might sound like one of those things that only super-artsy folks can manage, but a few trips to The Bead Company will get rid of that notion at once. These friendly beading workshops can teach you knotting, wire wrapping, crystal embellishing and more, and have you putting together your own earrings, necklaces, bag tags and bracelets in no time at all.

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Image credit: Game City
Image credit: Game City

Game City


Tucked away quite literally underground, Game City is a glorious celebration of all things video games. Rare arcade machines line the walls, and every console from the NES to the PS4 is ready and waiting to be fired up. The food is proper kid yummies (it’s all stacked burgers, fat chips and colourful cupcakes), and there are also LAN parties, anime screenings and board game events to check out.

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Movement Co

Osborne Park

Remember the fearlessness of youth? The freedom of movement, the lightness of foot and the feeling that every barrier was simply there to be beaten? Well, now you can recapture it at Movement Co, the only dedicated parkour gym in Perth with its own full-time coach. Whether you’re learning the basics or dusting off your old skills, you’re guaranteed one hell of a workout.

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