Beat the Stress with Sydney’s Best Kidult Activities

There’s nothing wrong with cutting loose and hanging tight with your inner child every now and then. After all, kids really know how to get the most of life so we could probably learn a thing or two! That’s why we’ve put together a list of our five favourite spots to act really childish (in a good way) in Sydney.

Image credit: Bubble Soccer
Image credit: Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer is one of those wonderful things that really is exactly what it sounds like. You squeeze into a large (and very sexy) plastic bubble, waddle onto a scaled-down pitch, and attempt to play soccer in the most entertainingly ridiculous manner possible. It’s a genuine laugh, and has already taken much of the country by storm. A big, bouncy, goofy storm! Round up your mates and give it a try.

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Image credit: iFly Indoor
Image credit: iFly Indoor

iFLY Indoor Skydiving


Have you ever wanted to try skydiving, but been kind of put off by the whole ‘sky’ part? Well, thanks to the good folks at iFLY and their high-tech simulator, you can experience all the exhilaration of real-life freefalling with zero danger. All you do is step into a vast glass tube and surrender yourself to the powerful air column, and the rest is unforgettable history. You’ll be instantly hooked!

“I was a little nervous at first since people can watch from the outside (thought I would stuff up & embarrass myself) but once you’re in the tube you forget all that and just have the best time. Oliver was a great instructor and felt totally safe when I was having my go and on our second flight we got to go high in the tube and wow that was incredible! We will be definitely be booking to go again!” – Wasteland

Image credit: Plaster Painting
Image credit: Plaster Painting

Plaster Painting Studios

Moore Park

Plaster Painting offers big and little kids alike the chance to develop their artistic skills in a bright, friendly atmosphere, with a huge range of plaster figurines, plaques, candle holders and more to paint and take home. Every masterpiece is sprayed shiny and glittered, and both you and your little one will be amazed at what you can produce in just a couple of hours.

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Image credit: Tree Top Adventure
Image credit: Tree Top Adventure

TreeTops Adventure

Wyong Creek

Let’s be honest – we all dream of escaping our day jobs to scramble around in the treetops like Tarzan sometimes. Now you can bring that dream to life at TreeTops, a forest-based network of suspension bridges and flying foxes set as high as 15 metres above the ground. From beginners to seasoned pros, there are courses to suit everyone here, so harness up and get climbing!

“What’s great is that after the initial training, the staff are hands off and you’re free to wander through the different courses as you like. TreeTop Adventure Park is more than just strings suspended above a forest, there’s ladders to climb, flying foxes, balancing beams, suspended bars, wobbly wooden planks – you name it, they’ve got everything in the world of obstacle courses!” – ShrimpyNoodle

Image credit: Maniax
Image credit: Maniax


St Peters

We have two words for you. Axe. Throwing. Whoever came up with Maniax is a bona fide genius. It’s literally just grabbing your pals and heading down to chuck axes at targets, and it’s the most satisfying and rewardingly challenging pastime ever. They’re 100% right when they say you’ll be addicted after your first bullseye, and you’ll be signing up for the weekly league before you know it!

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