Light Up Your Life: Our Guide To The Best Christmas Lights In Perth

It’s Christmastime again, and that means Perth is lit up like a lover’s eyes. There’s no end of dazzling displays to take in, so here are five we think are particularly awesome.

Kennack Vista, Atwell


Anyone who’s been in Perth for a while knows the Kennack Vista Christmas lights. This cosy cul-de-sac is a long-running favourite when it comes to seasonal cheer, and even raises funds for Breast Cancer Care WA. Nearly all the houses get involved, and the scope and variety of the lights is magnificent. But if it’s still not enough, check out neighbouring Connolly Mews for more of the good stuff. After all, there’s no such thing as too many Christmas lights!

If you get peckish, we’d strongly suggest Atwell Chinese Restaurant for a tasty bite. Atwell Pizza & Pasta is great for a more Italian feast, and Majestic India leads the way when it comes to curry.

Forrest Place


The Perth City Christmas Lights are a proper feast for the senses, and the fabulous lights are only part of the fun. The projections onto the GPO Forrest Place are immensely cool, and made even more so by the accompanying festive soundtrack. This spectacular show lies right in the middle of town, and draws big crowds every single night. You don’t want to miss out!

There are all sorts of places to grab a bite near Forrest Place, but C Restaurant and Greenhouse are definitely up there with the best. If you fancy a bit of Greek, Helvetica won’t be topped – it’s just as cool as the font it’s named for!

Mandurah Canals

Image credit: Mandurah Cruises
Image credit: Mandurah Cruises

This one’s a little way out, but it’s absolutely worth the drive (and the cruise you need to book – trust us, worth it!). Thousands of Christmas fairy lights illuminate and reflect onto the water from million-dollar mansions, all lit up with decorations, waving Santas, reindeers, Christmas trees and flashing lights. It’s a world-famous sight, and perfect if you fancy a slice of summer holiday luxury.

Speaking of luxury, have you ever sampled the delectable fare at Yogi Contemporary Indian Restaurant? How about Redmanna, or Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant? You should get on that!

Prairie Dunes Place, Connolly

Image credit: Prairie Dunes Facebook
Image credit: Prairie Dunes Facebook

Another mix of awesome lights and noble charity, the Prairie Dunes Place Christmas extravaganza is not to be missed. Almost all the houses in the cul-de-sac light up to raise money for The Association for the Blind in WA, and the results are fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that a lot of people turn up to see it, so don’t try to drive down the street. Park a little way away and walk – it’s the better way to appreciate the lights anyway!

For nearby nourishment, try the pan-seared duck breast or fillet steak at Bistro 38. If your stomach craves spice, Tamarind Thai Restaurant and Shehnai Tandoori Indian Restaurant are ready to serve.

Cumberland Way, Waikiki


Tons of houses in Cumberland Way go all out to impress, digging out the decorations and dolling up hard. There are just too many lights to count along this street, and you never know what to expect on every wall, garden or roof. It’s a must-see if you’re anywhere near the area, and the kids will have a total blast.

Can you handle the heat at Zocalo Mexican Restaurant? How about the rich, intense aromas of Ho Wan Chinese Restaurant? The crunchy, battered goodness at Malibu Fish & Chips? So much choice!

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