Sun-sational: Five Must-Try Outdoor Activities In Adelaide

Autumn is here, but you can still make the most of the sunshine. Head outside and give these awesome activities a go – you might just find a new hobby!

Surf lessons

Image credit: Surf and Sun Facebook
Image credit: Surf and Sun Facebook

Surf and Sun


Cost: Two-hour group lesson $55, two lessons $95, three lessons $125, five lessons $180

Australia without surfing is like a cupcake without icing: it’s just not right. So get out there in the waves and give it a try! Surf and Sun offers a great way to jump on a board in Moana, Middleton or Goolwa, and with fun, easy-going lessons suitable for any skill level. Plus, you can learn from proper experts like Gary Haworth (seven-time South Australian State Surfing Champ) and Ellie Francis (Female Surfer of the Year 2015). That’s pretty impressive!

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Lawn bowls


Walkerville Bowling Club


Cost: $8 per player

If you fancy something a bit less strenuous, why not hit up Walkerville for a nice game of lawn bowls? It combines sunshine and fresh air with not having to move around much (#winning), and it’s a super-relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Walkerville Bowling Club is always happy to welcome in new faces, and it’s actually celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. You know they must be doing something right, so get down to the green and join the party.

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Paddle boarding

Image credit: Stand Up Paddle Facebook
Image credit: Stand Up Paddle Facebook

Stand Up Paddle Boarding


Cost: $25/hour hire

Gotta love a bit of paddle boarding. It’s like surfing with a stick to get you going! Whether you’re a fiercely competitive pro or a curious newbie, Stand Up Paddle Boarding will have you out on the waves and gliding along in no time. They’ve got a great range of boards for racing and training, and they even teach paddle board yoga! And what could be more zen than a downward dog out on the water?

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Horse riding

Image credit: Four Oak Equestrian Centre Facebook
Image credit: Four Oak Equestrian Centre Facebook

Four Oaks Equestrian Centre


Cost: Trail rides one hour $90, two hours $150, three hours $200, riding lessons $70/hr

Let’s be real: there’s something majestic about horses. Maybe it’s because they’re so close to unicorns? We don’t know. But what we do know is that there is no better way to spend the day than on a horse, trotting along over rolling green grass while the sun shines happily above. It may sound like a scene from a movie (we imagine Hugh Jackman would be involved), but it’s the reality at Four Oaks Farm. Head down, saddle up and enjoy the ride of your life in a truly gorgeous setting.

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Quad biking

Image credit: Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventure Facebook
Image credit: Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventure Facebook

Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures

Cost: One hour including practice track from $50pp (depending on group size)

This last might be an hour away from Adelaide, but the drive is totally worth it. Why? Because it’s quad biking! Need we say more? From speeding across the flat grass to splashing through the creek, it’s one hell of an adventure. So what are you waiting for? Just go to Waitpinga Farm and hire some quad bikes, already.

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