Local Star September Favourites


Find out the local hot spots visited by our Local Stars last month:

opinionatedsean reviewed:
Farmer Darcy’s Travelling Farm, SA

Farmer Darcy’s has come to an event I’ve been at every year for the last few years and they’re just great. The animals are obviously genuinely cared for (they’re all rescue animals, not just some random animal bought for show) and it’s just fun to be around them. Read more

David Sarkies reviewed:
Polepole, VIC

As far as I am aware this is the only place in Melbourne, or even Australia, where you can get some African beer. There was another bar nearby but unfortunately that one has long gone, which is a shame because that bar was pretty awesome as well. Read more

Miss Dissent reviewed:
The Silly Tart Kitchen, NSW

My eyes couldn’t help but see the deep red walls of Libertine, when the space was a French Vietnamese restaurant, and the white smoke haze of Korean barbeques from when it was South Seoul. In the hands of new owners, Nina Purton and Josh Cook, the cushion room has given way to a jam room, and darkness has been replaced with glorious light. Read more

eatwithmyfoodsafari reviewed:
Moroccan Feast, NSW

This restaurant is located on Avoca Street. The interior has lovely carpets on the wall with cute candle holders on each table and lots of cushions on the banquette seating. It is such a lovely atmosphere to be in. Service was so personable and warm. We begun with the Agadir Feast. Read more

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Header image credit: Miss Dissent

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