Local Stars October Favourites

Green Peppercorn

Find out the local hot spots visited by our Local Stars last month:

jmer reviewed:
Texas Charcoal Chicken, NSW

This shop has been around for ages and when you try you’ll know why! Fresh, hot and juicy chicken. Serving sizes are generous and prices are really affordable. I would recommend a hot chip roll with gravy- only $2.50. Read more


Green Peppercorn Lao and Thai Restaurant, NSW

I really enjoy the food at this place. For a small joint that’s adjacent to a pub you wouldn’t think they’d have such tasty tasty treats! There’s a wee hidden-ish door that you enter and it opens up into a pretty big restaurant inside… Read more

Trev Scott reviewed:
The Top Paddock, VIC

Top Paddock Cafe was well worth the effort to drive to in city traffic. If a cow or a horse could talk, your question to them “where are the best places on the farm for you?”. Their answer would probably be the “Top Paddock”. Read more


Kurt & Sarah C
Taste Cultural Food Tours, NSW

We are touring again with Taste food tours and this time there is plenty of flavour and spice and a taste of Indian cuisine. We did a tour of Harris Park which is a hot bed for Indian restaurants in Sydney, and where there is more to Indian cuisine than butter chicken and naan. Read more


Ange Kenos reviewed:
Cafe Correto, VIC

Do you like Ferraris? Are you a petrol head? Then this venue could well be designed for you. But even if the amazing decor is not to your liking, the pizzas are tasty and very reasonably priced and the spaghetti was absolutely delightful. Read more


Header image credit: Green Peppercorn Facebook

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