Magical Christmas lights in Melbourne

What’s this? Five fabulous freak-outs of phenomenally fluorescent festive fun? Fantastic!

Old Melbourne Road, Chirnside Park

Picture credit: LMC Christmas Lights
Picture credit: LMC Christmas Lights

We begin on the oldest of Melbourne roads (presumably), where visitors can enjoy a knock-out show of 50,000 LED lights synced up to a plethora of festive tunes. Last year, 20,000 people turned up to be blown away, and we have unconfirmed reports that each of their hearts grew three sizes that day. It’s attached to Oxley Stadium, free to attend, and even raising money for vulnerable kids. How sweet is that?

Hugo Court, Narre Warren

Picture credit: Hugo Court Christmas Lights
Picture credit: Hugo Court Christmas Lights

Now let’s jump on our sleighs and zip over to Hugo Court, a street that stops at nothing to bring the seasonal cheer. A multitude of residents gets in on the act each year, transforming their houses into dazzling bastions of Christmas joy. It’s like Disneyland on steroids over there, and all are welcome to toddle along and revel in the… revelry.

Jenola Parade, Wantirna South

Picture credit: Clayton Travis Ford
Picture credit: Clayton Travis Ford

What’s better than beautiful Christmas lights, you ask? Interactive beautiful Christmas lights! Jenola Parade features a full-on festive exhibition to delight folks of all ages, and is simply brimming with buttons to press, soft toys that dance and sing at your command, and various other wonderful Christmassy goings-on. Santa Claus himself even stops by occasionally, so make sure to behave…

The Boulevard, Ivanhoe

Christmas Lights

This one’s been going on since the 1950s (which was before electricity was even invented, if we remember our schooling all good), and only seems to get bigger and more spectacular every year. Houses, trees and street lamps are adorned with sparkling merriment all the way down the street, and there’s even busking and barbeque to be found. Oh yes!

Gordon Grove, Preston

golden grove 02

Gordon Grove may sound like the alter ego of some 1960s superhero, but it’s actually the final stop on our little tour of Melbourne’s Christmas light shows. This one features thousands of computer-controlled lights, all set to music and with nearly a hundred different channels to keep it all nicely mixed up. It’s warm, inviting and pretty much just overflowing with glorious yuletide sentiment.

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