Chill Out With The 5 Best Summer Desserts In Melbourne

If you like to shovel sugary treats into your mouth (and we know we do), you’re probably wondering where you might find some this summer. Luckily, Melbourne’s got loads of them – and here are five of our faves.

Image credit: Jock's Ice Cream Twitter
Image credit: Jock’s Ice Cream Twitter

Jock’s Ice Cream

Albert Park

Run by the fantastically named Jock Main, Jock’s Ice Cream has been serving up some of Melbourne’s best ice cream since 2001 – so they must be doing something right! Jock crafts every single scoop by hand, using only the very best ingredients. Naturally, this results in some pretty damn good ice cream. There are a range of interesting flavours (beetroot, anyone?), but if you’re feeling too spoilt for choice, the ice cream sandwiches are a good place to start.

“Just go. You won’t be disappointed. More awards than can fit on the wall. Choice of around 20 ice cream and sorbets. Can recommend the Pannacotta but there is much, much more. You can take tubs home too.” – Coralda

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7 Apples Facebook
Image credit: 7 Apples Gelato Facebook

7 Apples Gelato

St Kilda

With 26 available flavours (and over a hundred rotating throughout the year), 7 Apples Gelato has something for everyone. This is proper artisan stuff, based on old Italian recipes and made with genuine love. Founder Mark Mariotti learned his craft in Tuscany under the legendary Marina Di Massa, and you seriously need to try his Croccangelo (that’s crunchy peanut and hazelnut gelato, if you didn’t know, and it’s divine).

“Delicious Italian-style gelati, icecream and yoghurt confections are my favourite in the street. The best part? If you’re worried about getting a parking spot, you can get icecream delivered by deliveroo!” – starwoman8

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Gelateria Primavera Facebook
Image credit: Gelateria Primavera Facebook

Gelateria Primavera


Gelateria Primavera looks like a small slice of Italy dropped right in the middle of Melbourne, and it’s got all the big, bold flavours to match. Our personal favourite is the salted caramel & chilli, but if the mercury is rising, you can’t go past the refreshing watermelon & mint sorbet. Everything in store is made fresh daily, and once a tub is gone, that’s it – so you should think about heading in early to get the best selection. Because trust us, you’ll be sad if you miss out.

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il Dolce Freddo Facebook
Image credit: Il Dolce Freddo Facebook

Il Dolce Freddo


Three words: Strawberry Cheesecake Gelati. That alone should convince you to drop everything and head straight for Il Dolce Freddo, so there’s really no need for us to mention the wonderful staff, cosy interior and vibrant rainbow of gorgeous flavours lining the counter. And we definitely don’t need to talk about the fine Italian craftsmanship that goes into every mouthful. Nah. No need at all.

“If you want to experience what real ice cream tastes like, then this is the place. Do yourself a Flavour and just try it… As good as the best I’ve had in Sicily, the home of ice cream!” – thumb

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Image credit: Pidapipo Gelateria Facebook
Image credit: Pidapipo Gelateria Facebook

Pidapipó Gelateria


More authentic gelato? Oh, we couldn’t possibly… Wait, that’s ridiculous – of course we could! And Pidapipó is just the place to get it, thanks to the remarkable talents of Lisa Valmorbida. The big draw here is the constantly rotating test lab creations, which serve to bring your wildest dreams to life. For example, have you ever sampled coconut rice pudding with rhubarb? If not, head on down to Pidapipó and give it a try. Your taste buds will thank you!

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