Cake Your Day: 5 Cheesecakes in Melbourne You Have to Try

Sweet dreams are made of cheese(cake), and who are we to disagree? That’s why we’ve searched the city to bring you the sweetest treats you’ve ever tasted. Here’s our list of the cream of the crop – so grab a spoon and dig in!


Monarch Cakes

St Kilda

If someone were to offer you a slice of 100 Year Old Polish Baked Cheesecake, you’d probably say something like, “I dunno, hasn’t it gone off by now?” But the age merely refers to the recipe – and when something has been unchanged for that long, you know it’s got to be good. Made using only the finest and freshest ingredients, this is the way cheesecake is meant to taste – so don’t wait 100 years before giving it a go.

“Amazing variety of cakes and deserts presented in a really cool old school bakery feel. Very European desserts and cakes, and great to finish off any meal or walk around St. Kilda. Also perfect in the middle of the day after a walk and a coffee in one of the many St Kilda Cafes.” – Elliot Angus

Image credit: Burch

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

South Yarra

Burch & Purchese is famed across the city for making desserts that not only taste incredible, but also look like little works of art. Taking unique combinations of flavours, textures and ingredients, they serve some truly memorable creations – and the Strawberry Cheesecake is one of the best. Featuring a strawberry, blackberry and cranberry biscuit base, strawberry jelly, and a white chocolate and vanilla glaze, you’ll simply adore the clever twists to this classic dessert.

“A true mastermind of the sweet palate. Darren Purchese’s dessert bar takes you on a tastebud journey. I had the caramel tart AND the lemon tart and i must say i could not choose a favourite between the two. BOTH WERE SOO GOOD. You can also sample whats on the counter to inspire your tastebuds.” – Alwaysroomfordessert

Image credit: Beatrix Facebook


North Melbourne

Cheesecake? Delicious. Crème brûlée? Also delicious! And when you combine the two in Beatrix’s Brûléed Bounty Cheesecake, you get something truly spectacular. There’s nothing like the tap-tap-crack of breaking into the caramelised sugar topping of a crème brûlée, and this cheesecake doesn’t disappoint. Crisp on top and dreamily smooth within, it’s basically heaven on a plate. What’s more, North Melbourne favourite Beatrix always dishes it up with a sunny smile!

“This is the perfect place to visit if you have a sweet tooth. You can tell they love baking, and are great at it! They use v. good ingredients and recipes to create delicious, fresh cakes and pastries. The coffee here was also very good!” – svchu1




Italian baking has a rich and mouth-watering history, and you can write your own little chapter of it down at Brunetti. This charming cafe/bake house/chocolatier does some of the finest New York-style cheesecake in town, and we challenge you to prove us wrong. It’s creamy, hearty and wonderfully indulgent, and topped with fruit so you can pretend it’s basically a salad.

“I discovered this place on my last trip to Melbourne, we were in town only a few days but one visit wasn’t enough! The coffee was great, cake moist and delicious, and gelati to die for! We then went back for the pizza which is thin crust, authentic and very tasty. Highly recommended.” – Kat2525

yong green food

Yong Green Food


This one’s for our vegan friends. Yong Green Food is an amazing eco-friendly restaurant that offers a wealth of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free goodies, and its Chocolate Cheesecake is especially good. Made with cashews, coconut oil, agave, dates and cacao, it’s a raw, vegan treat that will thoroughly convert you to the cause. Go give it a shot!

“The best thing about Melbourne, great place with great food and service that makes you feel just as good, clean green food, great serving size. I recommend the dragon bowl and a raw cheesecake. thank you!!” – Siena_c59

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