5 Asian Restaurants You Need to Visit in Melbourne

Of all earth’s continents, Asia certainly has some of the most diverse and flavoursome range of food. Take a look at these culinary delights and see for your yourself!


Image credit: HuTong Dumpling Bar
Image credit: HuTong Dumpling Bar Facebook

HuTong Dumpling Bar


Mixing classical Chinese imagery with sleek, ultra-modern design (check out the honeycomb wall and teacup silhouettes), the modestly named HuTong is much more than just a dumpling bar. It’s true fine dining heaven, and an awesome place to take someone you’re really looking to impress. If you fancy something exotic, go for the deep-fried barramundi with sweet & sour sauce and pine nuts.

“Very professional and beautiful food as always. Took my family here as I had tried it previously and they were so impressed. The chicken in the honey chicken is real chicken breast and the rice is delicious. Great value” – Blogger2012


Image credit: Little Ramen Bar Facebook

Little Ramen Bar


Warm, friendly and always inviting, Little Ramen Bar is the cutest noodle joint in town. The Special Miso Ramen is a particular favourite here, comprised of white and red miso, chilli and their famous pork broth, with barbeque pork, corn, butter and egg. It’s a hearty morsel, and will have you leaning back, loosening your belt and uttering a very satisfied “Onaka ga ippai” by the time you’ve finished.

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Image credit: Mrs Kim's Grill Facebook
Image credit: Mrs Kim’s Grill Facebook

Mrs Kim’s Grill


Mrs Kim’s eponymous grill leads the way in local Korean cuisine in Melbourne, with fresh, authentic flavours and a real flair for presentation all part of the dining experience. For a real treat, try Mrs Kim’s Set of deliciously marinated meats, and watch as it’s prepared before your eyes on your table’s own individual grill.

“Had my 20th birthday here. The staff are super friendly and assisting. They help cook the BBQ food for you and offer side refills. The BBQ is quite expensive with sets costing ~$30 each, and contains only a couple of pieces of different meat. Good for having on the side with their other dishes or on a special occasion.” – tasha j


Image credit: Saigon Sally Facebook
Image credit: Saigon Sally Facebook

Saigon Sally


With its vividly painted exterior, Saigon Sally is tough to miss. Good thing too, because It’s our favourite Vietnamese spot in Brisbane! We’re going to recommend a dessert here, in the form of the lovely Banh Bo Nut. That’s Vietnamese donuts with salted galangal caramel and toasted coconut sorbet. It’s gorgeously rich and very filling, so good luck! Or chúc may mắn, as they say in Vietnam.

“This is the sister restaurant to Hanoi Hannah and the chef trained at Donovans which is a good recommendation in itself. We decided to share the feast for $59 which was ample and tasty! We went back to have a repeat of the dishes we loved the most! Try the green papaya salad and the spicy mee goreng, both of which are delicious!” – starwoman8


Image credit: Bang Pop Facebook
Image credit: BangPop Facebook



With a traditional wai greeting, we happily welcome you to our final entry. True to its punchy name, BangPop is bright, colourful and bursting with personality, with delectable delicacies courtesy of master chef (and all round top bloke) Lukkhana Pothasu. We’d highly suggest trying the Sua Rang Hai (“Crying Tiger”), with grilled beef, cucumber, shallots, tomatoes, lemongrass, chilli and herbs. Yum!

“Exquisite Thai tasting soup” – Myrna


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