Melbourne’s Top Ten Christmas Hidden Gems


Ho ho ho, be the best Santa this Christmas.


Gifts Galore




You like cool stuff, don’t you? Of course you do! Everyone likes cool stuff, even if the definition of the term may vary considerably from person to person. Fortunately, Melbournalia has a wide enough stock of Melbourne-inspired cool stuff to keep everyone happy; including books, art prints, kitcheny bits, treats for the kids, and a whole lot more. This place is a must-try for all proud Melburnians!  Read More »

‘Fantastic shop for Melbourne memorabilia, souvenirs and gifts. Picked up a great calendar and gifts for friends. There’s books on the streets of the area and the street art, soaps, aprons, Jewellery and clothes and stationary – lots of options to choose from!’ – Amanda Cassar

Quirky Gifts Under $20


Urban Attitude

St Kilda

Question: in which single location can you find a bottle-opening ring, bacon-flavoured toothpaste, and soap with “FACE” written on one side and “ARSE” on the other? Why, Urban Attitude, of course! And that’s merely the tiniest sample of the horde of unique, well-priced gifts to be found within. They also do books, toys (lots of Star Wars right now), homeware, and a whole lot more! Read More »

‘Urban Attitude is an Awesome Store filled with super fun, happy, crazy novelties and gifts! Whenever I visit Melbourne I like to come to Acland street to chill out, eat and drink and also specifically visit this store for a laugh and a browse and maybe the odd memorable gift to my partner or friend. If you’re nearby and haven’t been, do check it out! There’s something for everyone!’ – xbabydollx

Good Reads


Paperback Bookshop


Books. You remember them. They’re those things that people used to stare at in the olden times? How quaint! Christmas is a time of tradition, after all, and Paperback Bookshop has been delivering quality literary entertainment since the 1960s and we hope they never stop!  Read More »

‘The thing with me and bookshops though is that if I spend too long in a place I end up buying more books that I could possibly read as was the case when I stepped in here. Still worth a browse though. I should also mention that this isn’t a second-hand bookshop so you will tend to pay new book prices here, and while it may be a little more expensive, it still carries that old bookstore charm that I really like.’ – David Sarkies

Soothing Massages


Milk & Honey Remedial Massage

West Melbourne

Christmas can be a horrifically stressful time, what with all the cooking, organising, expenses, and pretending to happy when your creepy uncle shows up. A lovely massage might be just the ticket to dispel the yuletide blues, so please do consider a Milk & Honey Remedial Massage gift voucher for somebody this year. They’ll love you for it!  Read More »

‘There are a LOT of massage places in North Melbourne, and I’ve been to a bunch of them. Milk and Honey is comfortably the best of the bunch. You get personalized attention, comfortable surrounds and (most importantly!) a top notch massage. I left this place relaxed and happy. It’s certainly not the cheapest joint in the area, but in this instance you get what you pay for.’ – NorthMelbNerd

Scrumptious Pastry


Lune Croissanterie


Pastries are an immensely agreeable and warmly welcomed concept all the year round, so there’s no reason why Christmas should be any different. And if we’re talking pastries, we’re most definitely talking Lune Croissanterie. From croissants to cruffins; sweet, savoury and all betwixt, all of your pastriest fantasies will surely come true at this bastion of baking brilliance.  Read More »

‘If your idea of a good breakfast is an espresso and a buttery croissant, this is the place! The croissants are simply fabulous, buttery and light, the sort you never taste anywhere else. There are savoury choices too but best to come early as it sells out fast!’ – starwoman8

Weird and Wonderful Presents




Everybody gets a little weird around Christmas, so it’s only right that a few of our gifts should reflect that. Think you know someone who might appreciate a finely framed bat skeleton? Perhaps a few genuine dinosaur teeth? How about a nice stuffed raven or fox? Well, it’s off to Wunderkammer with you, then!  Read More »

‘AMAZING! I can spend hours in this store. If you’ve never been, I suggest you check it out!’ – aryana1

Presents for Fido



South Yarra

In the midst all this festive chaos, it’s easy to forget the smaller, furrier members of the family. But it’s Christmas for Rover too after all, and perhaps he’d appreciate something more than a couple of measly turkey scraps this year. At Hachi, you’ll find a next-level-adorable range of fur-fitting outfits for pooches of all sizes. Christmas family photos are about to get a whole lot cuter!  Read More »

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Fine Food & Gifts




Clementine’s is apparently run by someone called Melanie, which is slightly confusing. Does that mean there’s a shop called Melanie’s that’s run by Clementine somewhere in Bizarro Melbourne? A question for another day, perhaps. Clementine’s brings you the very finest in produce and products from the leading markets and farms of Victoria, and by Thor’s Beard is it wonderful! Read More »

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Record Store


Round and Round Records


Oh, is vinyl making yet another comeback? Groovy. If you happen to know one of those “it just sounds better, dude”, types, then the Round and Round record shop is the place to go to make them a very happy chappy indeed this Christmas. A glorious treasure trove of classic albums and obscure gems alike, ranging from new wave to metal to Afro, this place is true music nerd heaven. Read More »

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Make Your Own Perfume



South Melbourne

You may have rocked plenty of perfumes in your time, but have you ever dreamed of creating your own? Imagine it! Your very own unique fragrance, brought to life by your very own unique hands! A perfect fusion of your favourite scents, mingling like dye in the water! Simply book an appointment with the experts at Fleurage, and you’ll soon be in business. Read More »

‘Everyone interested in good perfumes really should do themselves a favour and visit the Fleurage website to read more testimonials as my perfume experience was excellent. Emma was a delightful person to be with and was very knowledgeable and professional about how perfumes are made and what would best suit me. Today I made a perfume just for myself. It’s the best I’ve ever had and I owe it all to Emma.’ – MaureenAnne


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