Melbourne’s Masterful Schnitzel

Schnitzel is our favourite food of the ‘flattened and fried’ variety.

TrueLocal - Mrs Parma's: The best schnitzel in Melbourne

Mrs Parma’s


What better place to start? There’re so many options here it may take you the rest of your natural-born life to decide which one you like the best. Fortunately, an exclusively schnitzel-based diet has been known to extend the natural human lifespan by around 40 to 50 years, so time’s on your side.
Schnicest schnitty: Don’t make us pick! Oh, all right then. It’s gotta be the PARMA’GEDDON. Read more

This would have to be the best parma in town I have been to Mrs Parmas at least 6 or 7 times over the last couple of years and it is just terrific, from the Eggplant Parma to any of the others it is always great add to this the craft beers they sell and you cant go wrong. A great night out THANK YOU MRS PARMAS – rossco1

TrueLocal - Hofbrauhaus: The best schnitzel in Melbourne



If you’ve ever fancied being served traditional German cuisine by blokes in lederhosen and girls dressed like fairytale barmaids, Hofbrauhaus might just be your idea of paradise. Pork, beer and assorted breaded things reign supreme at this jolly old tavern, and good times are a given.
Schnicest schnitty: Wiener Schnitzel. It’s as delicious as it is fun to order in a bad German accent. Read more

I was once invited here by a group of friends. We enjoyed the night with the live band singing country songs, etc. we ordered pork menus, sausages, roasted vegetable strudel. Have tried also their beer after we ate our foods. Good place to go – jacksonff

TrueLocal - Imperial Hotel: The best schnitzel in Melbourne

Imperial Hotel


Opening its doors back in 1852 (as “Nobel’s Circus”, for some reason), the Imperial Hotel has the claim to fame of being Melbourne’s third oldest pub. The relaxed vibe nicely complements the elegant décor, creating the perfect atmosphere in which to shovel breaded chicken into your gob.
Schnicest schnitty: Imperial Parma. Sounds simply majestic, doesn’t it? Read more

Easily ranks among the best chicken parmigiana in Melbourne. Very large and very tasty with sides of chips and salad. Other food is also quite good quality. Slightly more expensive than expected (but normal prices for inner city restaurants). Quick service and food was brought out without a long wait. – Thomas_Potato

TrueLocal - Munich Brauhaus: The best schnitzel in Melbourne

Munich Brauhaus

South Wharf

More fairytale barmaids! Yay! Also sausages, pork belly, pork knuckle, suckling pig, porked pig, reporked pigpork, pork porkers, and even slow-pigged porkpiggy. All served up in a 900-seat Bavarian beer hall, naturally, for maximum Germania.
Schnicest schnitty: Löwenschnitzel (pork), served with fries, potato salad or mash, all gluten free! Read more

My favourite place in South Wharf. It does not matter if you go during the week or the weekend this venue is always busy and filled with happy patrons. Great Bar with various promotions during the week. The food and snacks are really good and very reasonably priced. Can highly recommend that you at least try the Sauerkraut which was cooked to a very traditional recipe. – Kikininja

TrueLocal - Hophaus Bier Bar & Grill: The best schnitzel in Melbourne

Opening fresh last year, Hophaus is a “cosmopolitan reinvention” of the venerable old Bavarian Bier Halls. It’s a beautiful, elevated hall of polished wooden tables, long leather couches, and breathtaking city views that look even better once you’ve sampled the 30 beer taps on offer.
Schnicest schnitty: Has to be the Wiener Schnitzel. Giant size, of course, not regular. Don’t be a baby. Read more

I must admit German food has never been my favourite cuisine but German beers can make up for it! The views over the river and surrounding Southbank are fabulous and there are heaps on German beers to try. The food is definitely high quality and the charcoal grill is great. I might even head back for their Oktoberfest in September! – starwoman8

TrueLocal - The Celtic Club: The best schnitzel in Melbourne

The Celtic Club


The first ever Irish club in Melbourne, the Celtic Club has been providing wholesome fun for all since 1887. The food isn’t exclusively Irish, however (thank god), and you can fill your belly on everything from Moroccan spiced lamb to juicy tiger prawns slathered in chilli jam. And, of course, the classic Parma.
Schnicest schnitty: Celtic Club Parmigiana! Napoli sauce, shaved ham, mozzarella, fries, salad. Yum. Read more

This is a great pub. I always include this pub when I do a pub crawl. It’s great for sports and has a really relaxed environment. It’s not too loud and isn’t full of a young crowd. A mature crowd with sensible drinkers (the times that I’ve been). They also make a killer chicken parma here. Be sure to try out the chicken parma if you plan on dropping by for a pint. Very friendly staff too – mass.d

TrueLocal - The Hungarian: The best schnitzel in Melbourne

The Hungarian


A sumptuous array of proper European food right in the heart of Richmond, available for both eating in and home delivery… Imagine that! Tasty, authentic schnitzel without even having to go outside or talk to anyone. Perfect!
Schnicest schnitty: Jagerschnitzel! Extra-large pork schnitzel and lush mushroom gravy. Read more

Great Monday deals – but you have to get in early or book as the place is quite small. Great food and the menu is excellent – worth reading just for entertainment! The barrel wine is also surprisingly good, and a nice touch. – melbkiwi


TrueLocal - Cuckoo Restaurant: The best schnitzel in Melbourne

We’ve been told to shut up about barmaids (which makes a nice change from being told to shut up by barmaids), so we’ll just say that entering Cuckoo Restaurant is like stepping into a majestic clockwork village constructed by some incredible 19th century German toymaker. It’s just wonderful!
Schnicest schnitty: It’s just an enormous, all-you-can-eat buffet. Try it all! Who cares what we think? Read more

I went there with my parents and a whole group of people for my 21st Birthday and the food was terrific and the staff were very kind to us because they came around and gave us all lollies and some Birthday Cake to share. – Trompfya

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