Melbourne’s Milkshake Pros

“But, soft! What milk through yonder window shakes?” We’re pretty sure that’s what Shakespeare meant…?”

TrueLocal - Johnny Pump: Milkshakes in Melbourne

Johnny Pump


Johnny Pump? That’s pretty punk rock, man. Makes sense too, as the milkshakes here are all gigantic, snarling beasts that laugh in the face of conformity and mockingly thumb their noses at convention.
Shake to try: Gluten-free Lamington and Chocolate Chip. Stick it to the gluten establishment, man. Read more

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TrueLocal - Trunk Bar and Restaurant: Milkshakes in Melbourne

A huge open courtyard built around a gigantic, 150-year-old heritage-listed coral tree (hence the name), Trunk is a beautiful place to enjoy a fine meal and a sumptuously splendid milkshake in the sun. Plus, if it’s raining, you can still see the tree from inside, so it’s all good.
Shake to try: Tim Tam Slam. Because Tim Tams are one of the greatest Aussie traditions. Read more

A great place to go to if you’re not quite sure what you’re feeling like. They have a cafe, full bar and a restaurant. The atmosphere is really nice with indoor and outdoor seating available. I have been here a few times and had a great experience each time. – Tanica

TrueLocal - 8bit: Milkshakes in Melbourne



There’s retro-style fun for all to be had at 8bit, Melbourne’s friendliest and most vibrant hipster hangout. The food’s to die for, and the milkshakes? Well, they may not look too fancy, but they’ve got it where it counts, kid.
Shake to try: Strawberry Cheesecake. Yep, somebody’s finally liquefied a cheesecake. About time. Read more

American style Burger joint. Delicious hotdogs and burgers with a side of loaded fries and a salted caramel milkshake. Heaven. I don’t recommend going in for dinner on a weekend though because it get’s very very busy and you might not get a seat. I’ve been at least 20 times now!! – OMGshae

TrueLocal - Rococo: Milkshakes in Melbourne


St Kilda

A respected, authentic Italian restaurant with a huge selection of milkshakes? Never in our most feverish cheese-dreams did we imagine such a thing! And right here in St. Kilda, too! It’s like all our Christmases have come at once!
Shake to try: Gingerbread, because it’s just so nice and cosy.
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Awesome!!!! Nice environment, nice food!!! – pwong439

TrueLocal - Massive Wieners: Milkshakes in Melbourne

Massive Wieners


Alright, we know what you’re all thinking. After you’ve gotten your minds out of the gutter, why don’t you head down to this fine establishment? We promise the shakes are as delicious as the name is laughter-inducing.
Shake to try: Chocolate! Because…chocolate! Read more

It’s not haute cuisine, so abandon all pretensions as you enter but if you feel a sudden yearning for a Mexican Coke or a really evil milkshake, this could be the place for you! – starwoman8

TrueLocal - The B.East: Milkshakes in Melbourne

The B.East

Brunswick East

The B.East is the B.est at milkshakes in Brunswick East. Anyway, The B.East is an old joyous haven of burgery, boozy, welcoming merriment, and you’re guaranteed a cracking good time when you step through the doors.
Shake to try: The Big O. Crushed Oreos, vanilla syrup and whipped cream. Oh my.
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The B.East is the perfect place to catch up with friends and get your burger fix. On Tuesday nights they have a pop culture quiz night which is a fun event to hang out with your friends over a beer and burger with. – svchu1

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