Melbourne’s Tastiest Cronuts and Doughnuts

There’s never a bad time for doughnuts!

TrueLocal - Cavallini: Doughnuts and Cronuts in Melbourne


Clifton Hill

An artisan bakery, patisserie and expresso bar, you say? That’s a lot of balls to juggle! Fortunately, the good folks at Cavallini seem to know what they’re doing, as evidenced by, well… pretty much everything they do, really. If you fancy sinking your lustful teeth into a vibrantly colourful and uniquely flavoured array of top-class cronuts, you’ll be a very happy bunny indeed at this place. Read more

Great food and fantastic service. My favourite spot for breakfast every Saturday. – Bryan Philips

TrueLocal - Shortstop Coffee and Donuts: Doughnuts and Cronuts in Melbourne

Coffee and doughnuts! Is there a more glorious double-act in all of creation? Shortstop gets it, and you will too once you sample their range of raised, filled, cake and cruller doughnuts, and wash it all down with a steaming hot speciality coffee. These aren’t your average doughnuts, either. If you’ve ever wanted to try one flavoured with Earl Grey tea and roses, now you know where to head!
Read more

The shop is incredibly cute. It is small but spacious, and the minimalistic decor allows people to focus on what matters the most: the donuts! – Easternian

TrueLocal - Candied Bakery: Doughnuts and Cronuts in Melbourne

Candied Bakery


“An Aussie Bakery with an American twist and a dash of European influence.” Sounds rather exciting, doesn’t it? And the doughnuts are simply sublime. Passionfruit pavlova glazed doughnuts, strawberries and cream doughnuts, berry glazed doughnuts… Also, sometimes they even make giant doughnuts, for no reason other than they apparently just feel like it. Our kind of people! Read more

A very stylish bakery, loved the atmosphere and the food. I have never come across a cafe/bakery that has croque-monsieur too! Great variety and can’t wait to go back to try more! – Matsu

TrueLocal - Doughboy Donuts: Doughnuts and Cronuts in Melbourne

Doughboy Donuts


Pink Snow. Almond Butter. Peanut Buster. Bullseye. Blue Roast. Key Lime Pie. Blood. These are mighty doughnuts of legend amongst Melbourne’s sweet-toothed, and they can all be found at the wonderful Doughboy Donuts. Then, of course, there’s also Caramel Salt, Cherry Pot, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Crème… look, just go there, all right? Read more

Some of the donuts are pre-made, like the blue roast and bulls eye donuts that we ordered. There are also some donuts which toppings are added on the spot as people order. – Easternian

TrueLocal - Rustica Sourdough Bakery: Doughnuts and Cronuts in Melbourne

Brenton Lang, founder and chief bakesman of Rustica Sourdough Bakery, believes in “slow cooking, taking time to nurture the dough” and using “time-honoured traditional techniques with incredible passion and creative flair.” Sounds like the recipe for some pretty damn good doughnuts, eh? Get your mouth-holes down there at once! Read more

When I’m in the area, I usually buy doughnuts from the bakery. This is one of my favourite places. I recommend trying their sweet creations, because they are just pieces of heaven, covered with different chocolate or vanilla cream. – M.Deeming111


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