Melbourne’s Top Tapas

Get ready to revel in Spain’s gift to dinner – Tapas!

TrueLocal - Movida Aqui: Tapas in Melbourne

Movida Aqui


Movida Aqui is the latest colourful bud to spring open on the ever-growing Movida tree. It’s a swanky, 80-seater restaurant where you can wolf down your fill of delicious tapas treats, cooked properly over the open fire pit set up in the kitchen. It’s like having a little piece of Spain in your own back garden! Read more

Great Spanish restaurant serving inventive and tasty tapas in a super cool setting. The hero dish for me was the anchoa – anchovy served on crouton with cold tomato sorbet. It was like a party in my mouth! The service is friendly and efficient. Great modern decor, light and airy space and buzzy atmosphere. – barbrasdad

TrueLocal - Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop: Tapas in Melbourne

Do you like tapas? Good. Do you bars? Excellent. Do you rooftops? Yeah you do! So, it’s logical to assume you’ll probably have a pretty good time at Bomba, which combines the very best in tapas, bars and rooftops for your dining pleasure. What could possibly be better? Nothing, that’s what. Read more

Spanish tapas and drinks on a Friday night after work is so much fun. Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop is a great place to get together and enjoy a variety of dishes that is just enough to satisfy each tapas that comes out. – teepee001

TrueLocal - Robert Burns Hotel: Tapas in Melbourne

Robert Burns Hotel


All right, so it might not be the most Spanish-sounding establishment in the world, but give the poor guys a chance, at least. A chap called Urbano Gutierrez (that’s more like it) introduced the exciting world of Spanish cuisine to this Scottish-Aussie pub back in 1983, and they haven’t looked back since. If you’re after delectable tapas with drinks a-flowin’, you’ve hit the jackpot. Read more

Amazing Spanish food and lovely staff members! I attended one of their monthly ‘Dine the Spanish Regions’ dinners and it was one of the best things I’d been to. 4 courses matched with wines, all based on a region of Spain. Will be back! – Meaghan85

TrueLocal - Ambrosia: Tapas in Melbourne



“ambrosia (-z-) n. (myth.) food of gods; thing delightful to taste or smell. ~ial a.”
Bit lofty, hey? Still, any place that uses dictionary definitions to explain what they’re all about is fine by us, and we reckon they’ll be fine by you once you sample their delectable menu. Indulge in a platter of tapas, friends, and gloriously ascend into Ambrosia’s Holy Kingdom of Flavour! Read more

Our go-to place for any occasion. Food is always great and service is very friendly. – Gromit01

TrueLocal - Robarta: Tapas in Melbourne


St Kilda

If you think you’ve seen it all and eaten it all when it comes to tapas, prepare to have the walls of your perception blown wide open. Robarta specialises in outstanding Spanish tapas infused with a uniquely Asian twist, creating incredible taste combinations that’ll make your ears steam and your tongue roll out of your mouth like a cartoon wolf. Read more

Best place to hang out with friends and have some fun night. The place was really cool, music was good, foods are delicious, lots of drinks to choose from. We had a great night at Robarta and we will visit soon. – katefarleigh

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