Must-try Milkshakes in Perth

You want milkshakes? We’ve got milkshakes. Come and get ’em!

TrueLocal - San Churro: Milkshakes in Perth

San Churro


Now this is one chocolatey place. In fact, San Churro is the chocolatiest place on this humble planet. And, as gbj below puts it, it really is chocolate heaven in a cup.
Shake to try: Well, it’s got to be chocolate, hasn’t it? Otherwise we might as well all go home. Read more

Chocolate heaven in a cup…or mug…or bowl….or glass…any way you want it! We bypassed the churros that were so popular and went for the liquid stuff only – fantastic cold and hot drinks. ADORE the espresso/hot choc mix – leaves your standard mocha for dead! Worth the huge queue on a winter’s night to get that decadent chocolate fix! – gbj

TrueLocal - Sapore Espresso Bar: Milkshakes in Perth

Sapore Espresso Bar


So, Sapore likes to say that their food isn’t fancy – just simple, wholesome and delicious. But have you SEEN their milkshakes? It’s like Willy Wonka decided to work in their kitchen for a bit because he missed the Chocolate Factory while he was on holiday.
Shake to try: Strawberry. Honestly it’s so good that there are tears in our eyes as we write this. Read more

Another great Perth restaurant with plenty of vegetarian options. It gets very busy on the weekend, so we had to sit outside, but that was perfect for us as it was a lovely day! – Emily Lloyd

TrueLocal - Sugar & Nice: Milkshakes in Perth

Sugar & Nice


A constant cavalcade of sugary sweetness, honeyed heaven and creamy, cakey, marvellously muffiny madness, Sugar & Nice is, quite simply, Perth’s ultimate fortress of delectable desserts.
Shake to try: Crunchy Nutter. Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut… in a milkshake. Can you imagine the wonders? Read more

It’s great for catching up with a friend or friends for a coffee and cake which is what they are about. Quiet enough so you can have a conversation. A really good selection of cakes, muffins and sweet breads etc. You can have a very light lunch – toasted sandwich and I think the same at breakfast – cereal, toast. – Jamall

TrueLocal - The Cutlery Drawer: Milkshakes in Perth

“ARE YOU READY? For the food revelation? For your taste buds to tremble at anticipation? For you to find the next food sensation?” Whoa, all right! This comes straight from The Cutlery Draw itself, and they certainly ain’t kiddin’!
Shake to try: Ooh, they’re all wonderful, but we’ll have to go with… Honeycomb! Yes! Read more

WOW! This cafe was recommended to me, and I was pleasantly surprised, what a gem! Highly recommend the breakfast, nice fresh choice of foods, and loads of options for vegetarian diners. Great Coffee, speedy and friendly service, everything that you could possibly want in a cafe and more. Well worth the trip to Manning. –Kikininja

TrueLocal - Jus Burgers: Milkshakes in Perth

Jus Burgers


In the great foodie vocab, “burger and shake” is as commonly uttered a phrase as, well… “burger and chips!” Man, burgers are nice. But so are milkshakes. Why not treat yourself to a little bit of both?
Shake to try: Salted Caramel. We think they’re onto a winner here.Read more

The staff were great and just a great burger place. Check it out- JOJA

TrueLocal - Dome Coffees: Milkshakes in Perth

Dome Coffees


While Dome Coffees does specialise in (unsurprisingly) coffee, it certainly doesn’t neglect its other traditional café duties. The food menu’s outstanding, the service is prompt, and the lush range of smoothies and milkshakes will keep everyone smiling.
Shake to try: Spearmint. It’s so green you could stick a trunk in it and call it a tree. Read more

Great place and love the coffee! – JanAustralia


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