Mouthwatering Aussie Pies in Brisbane

Did you know the word ‘pie’ is actually an acronym? It stands for ‘pass it ‘ere!’, and was named after most people’s reaction to seeing one.

TrueLocal - Piefection Gourmet Pies: Pies in Brisbane

Piefection Gourmet Pies

Mount Gravatt

Internationally renowned pie-master Matt Roman is proud to bring you Piefection, the culmination of many years spent slavishly perfecting the delicate art of pies. Step inside and let the scent of baking pastry carry you away to a utopia of fulsome flavours.
Pie to try: Guinness Beef And Mushroom. It’s like a bar brawl in your mouth where everyone wins! Read more

I am by no means a pie lover. At school, I’d always get a sausage roll over a pie. BUT these pies are amazing. Even better, the services are great. To get both these days is a rare find! Lamb shanks and rosemary is my favourite. – _chicken

TrueLocal - Big Dad's Pies: Pies in Brisbane

Big Dad’s Pies


Big Dad’s Pies? More like Big Damn Pies! When you fancy a tremendously hearty pie that’ll stuff you full to bursting, this much-loved piehouse in Boondall is definitely the place to go. You want pie? You’ll get pie. Lots and lots of yummy pie.
Pie to try: Big Dad’s Special. It tastes like a hearty clap on the shoulder from your old man himself. Read more

The pies here are awesome! We take one of our kids here after weekend sports as a treat, and it has never failed to disappoint. There is a yummy range of pies etc to choose from. They do a pie/drink deal for $7.50 which is good value in my book. The store presentation is clean and tidy with the added bonus of off street parking beside the store. – SocialQ

TrueLocal - Uncle Bobs Bakery: Pies in Brisbane

Uncle Bobs Bakery


Whoever the original Uncle Bob was, he must’ve been a hell of a baker. The tradition hasn’t faded over the years, you’ll be pleased to hear, as Uncle Bobs Bakery is still your trusty old go-to pie haven in Thornlands. Prepare your bellies, friends, and prepare them well. They’re in for a fillin’.
Pie to try: Lamb And Rosemary. It tastes like utterly tender deliciousness slathered in gravy. Read more

Great pies with a good range for all the family and with their loyalty card it’s even cheaper. – Janice Thompson

TrueLocal - Jellyfish Restaurant: Pies in Brisbane

We don’t want to leave out fish pies (although the fish would probably rather we did), and you can tuck into some of the best around at Eagle Street’s own Jellyfish Restaurant. Sip a glass of exotic wine while you gaze out at in pure content at the Story Bridge beyond. Now that’s living.
Pie to try: Local White Fish. A single mouthful conjures up images of swimming with dolphins through a sun-kissed sea. Read more

Everything about this place is perfect – the food, service and location. Never disappoints – PleighC

TrueLocal - Muzza's Gourmet Pies: Pies in Brisbane

Muzza, you magnificent man! We ate your pies and they were good! Yes, a huge range of fantastic gourmet pies baked fresh all day makes Muzza’s Gourmet Pies a true champion of Brisbane piemanship. You’ll be a better human being once you have one.
Pie to try: Thai Chicken. Who doesn’t love Thai food? And now, you can have it in pie form! Read more

I must say they sell really yummy pies. Their chicken and curry pies are good and affordable too – Stephen.Best

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