Mr. Goodbar Proves That Great Things Come in Small Packages


It’s no secret to those in-the-know that the small bar scene is exploding throughout the tucked-away backstreets and alleyways of Adelaide. Well, the city’s nightlife just got, er, smaller, with the addition of Mr. Goodbar.

Mr. Goodbar is the brainchild of industry veterans Goran Dedic (Owner), Owen Colin (General Manager) and Mike Knot (Head Bartender) who, since 2014, have been working on bringing to life a vibrant spot that combines expertly-made classic cocktails, soul-inspired eats and good vibes.

The space is the latest design behind the visionary folks at studio-gram, who were given the challenge of transforming an office space into an emblem of cool. The result? Stylish wood panelling, stained glass, an eclectic mix of décor, and a little bit of voodoo magic in the air.

We caught up with Goran, Owen and Mike to find out more about the concept behind Mr. Goodbar.

Hey guys, thanks for making some time to talk to us. We’re loving the whole small bars popping up everywhere. What was it that attracted you to small bar culture?

The best part about small bar culture is that it’s specific. Options were so broad for the longest time, now there’s specialty options for every need you had and every need you didn’t know you had. It creates a great culture around trying and experiencing new things. – Owen

studio-gram designed Mr. Goodbar. Tell us about the process behind creating the space.

Working with studio-gram has been great. The space itself is completely unique and together we were able to bring the vision to life. – Goran

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Mr. Goodbar?

Mr. Goodbar has been a labour of love. We were one of the first recipients of the small bar licences, and it’s been in the works for the past two years. We wanted to make sure everything was perfect and create something world class, as well as respecting the historic building where Mr. Goodbar resides.

The idea of Mr. Goodbar was always that it was “a good place to sin”. We ran with that idea, with a quasi-spiritual tongue-in-cheek vibe. Picture the gospel roots of the Deep South, attentive service from expert bartenders over a bar bordered by a crucifix tile motif, illuminated by praying neon hands. Carefully curated knickknacks and images of forgotten blues and soul figures. – Goran

Mr. Goodbar interior decor
Mr. Goodbar’s soul-inspired decor

That sounds awesome, sign us up! Is there also a theme around the drinks menu?

Our menu is heavy with classic cocktails, which, in the ethos of the bar, we approach with an almost religious and ritualistic nature. – Michael

So what goes into creating the perfect cocktail?

Consistency. Every cocktail that comes across the bar will be exactly the same. Regardless of who makes it, you can expect the same perfect product every single time. – Michael

With so many cocktails on offer, it must be hard to choose. What’s your favourite drink on the menu?

Our Mr. Goodbar cocktail – a Cacao-infused Manhattan, served with our own chocolate bar. – Michael

Wow – and what sort of food will be on offer?

The food we serve is for sharing over drinks – crab with remoulade, Jamaican patties, and charcuterie are a few of our options. – Owen

Of course, great music is the perfect accompaniment to good food and drinks. What sort of music/entertainment can we expect at Mr. Goodbar?

Mr. Goodbar offers a mix of DJs and carefully curated playlists. The vibe is blues, funk and soul.

Obviously, Mr. Goodbar would be your first choice, but what are some other places you love to go for a night out in Adelaide?

You can’t beat dinner at Bistro Dom, followed by drinks at Hains & Co and La Buvette.  

Mr. Goodbar is open Wednesday to Saturday from 3pm and Sunday from 4pm. Pop down to 12 Union St, Adelaide to check it out!


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