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National Local Rewards

Do you enjoy exploring new local hot spots in your city and telling people about it? If your answer’s yes, then you’re the local legend we’ve been searching for.

We’re bringing back our Local Rewards Program to reward our top reviewers because we know that if anyone knows what’s hot and happening in your local area, it’s you!

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What rewards can I earn?

From Tuesday 21 June til Thursday 30 June, there are 3 challenges for you to complete and we will reward you for each of them.

It’s simple, more reviews unlock more rewards. Just take a look and see what’s on offer:

Local Rewards Challenge 1

Sign-up and write 5 reviews for 2x Hoyts Movie Tickets Now closed

Local Rewards Challenge 2

Write 10 reviews for a $30 voucher Now closed

Local Rewards Challenge 3

Write 20 reviews for a $60 voucher Now closed

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate local legend?
Write the most number of reviews and be rewarded!
1st place – $500 (VISA Load & Go)
2nd place – $300 (VISA Load & Go)
3rd place – $250 (VISA Load & Go) Now closed

How does it work?

Your reviews do not carry on for the subsequent challenge so you will need to complete every challenge to receive the rewards.

Challenge 1 = 5 reviews = 2x movie tickets

Challenge 1 + Challenge 2 = 15 reviews = 2x movie tickets + $30 voucher

Challenge 1 + Challenge 2 + Challenge 3 = 35 reviews = 2x movie tickets + $30 voucher + $60 voucher

You will receive confirmation about your rewards after the program end date. The final number of reviews completed by the end date will determine which reward you receive (eg. if you have written 10 reviews by 30 June, you will only receive the challenge 2 reward).

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