Melbourne’s best places to tick off your resolutions

Another new year, another chance to kick ass of course! We’ve listed some places to help you along the way.

Image credit: Serotonin Eatery, Exercise + Education
Image credit: Serotonin Eatery, Exercise + Education

Serotonin Eatery


Are you a lover of colourful and pretty-looking food, just like we are? Then you must check out Serotonin Eatery. If you’re trying to improve your diet, this super-healthy, plant-based café is the perfect place to eat out without the risk of consuming anything untoward. Trust us, you’ll scarcely believe the incredible things these master chefs can do with fruit and veg. Find out more

“As a nutrition student I really love the whole concept of Serotonin Eatery and really appreciate that there is a restaurant like this that values the importance of nutrition on out overall health and well being and love that they cater for so many different food choices/intolerances which is really important! The staff were lovely and were genuinely happy to have us there and gave us blankets as we were seated outside!” – Jacinta Barbagallo


Vibes Fitness


You’re probably familiar with yoga, but have you ever heard of… anti-gravity yoga? What a time to be alive! If you’re looking to limber up a little this year, the highly regarded Anti-Gravity Yoga program at Vibes Fitness can do wonderful things for both your body and your mind in just a few weeks, and it’s suitable for pretty much everyone. Give it a whirl! Find out more

“After finally deciding to take a more proactive approach to help relieve my ongoing back pain; I opted for exploring Anti-Gravity – Aerial Yoga after hearing some great feedback from the US as a wonderful alternative to traditional Yoga and I have to say I am absolutely blown away, not only by the instant results, but also by the work Margie is doing at Anti Gravity” – olyaandserge


Natskin Day Spa Retreat


When you’re back in the daily grind, things can get a little stressful, and that doesn’t look set to change this year. It’s important to treat yourself to a little relief every now and then, so thank the maker for Natskin Day Spa Retreat, whose three clinics strive to radiate good health and tranquility throughout the city of Melbourne. Why not pop down and get yourself a nice massage, champ? You’ve earned it! Find out more

“I was like not so interested before about going for spa but my mother insisted to give myself a treat because I’m such a workaholic person. So I give my mum a chance. So we got here both and take a full-body massage for a couple of hours and I felt like my body is restoring its strength back. It became so lighter after, so I realised that I should have done this every month.” – xavierXYZ

Image credit: Laineys Hair Shed

Laineys Hair Shed


Laineys Hair Shed has all facets of trendy, from its awesome name to the interior of the salon, it’s a national institution that must be treasured forever. With its friendly atmosphere, expert service and general, all-round niceness, it’s also an excellent place for everyone to stay on top of whatever insane and outlandish hair trends will hopefully emerge as 2016 wears on. Find out more

“Excellent service. Great stylist. Very approachable. Always listens to what I want and gives good advice. Very affordable and conveniently located. Leave happy every time!” – Emmy

Image credit: Junk Food Cooking School
Image credit: Junk Food Cooking School

Junk Food Cooking School


Our guide to 2016 wouldn’t be complete without a hearty splash of culinary action, so this should certainly get your tongue wagging. Junk Food Cooking School offers waterborne cooking lessons aboard a real Chinese junk boat, and you can hop aboard to learn everything from Thai to Spanish. If you fancy expanding your food repertoire a little year, here’s a genuinely fun way to do it. Find out more

Have you been to the Junk Food Cooking School?  Tell us what you think and write a review.


Zetta Florence


Pens, paper and notebooks! Journals, calendars and archival boxes! Mylar rolls, portfolios and polypropylene! That’s right; it’s stationery replenishment time! We don’t know about you, but stationery replenishment time is one of the highlights of our year, and we like to make it extra special with a wee jaunt to Zetta Florence. Everything there is beautiful, and we just want it all. Find out more

“Great stationery store, you get lost in there and land up buying more than you need. Which isn’t that bad a thing.” – lisahari

melb_Thread Den

Thread Den


Thread Den is a rather unique establishment, housing both a happy-go-lucky sewing lounge and a fabulous vintage fashion boutique within its elegant, 1950s-inspired surrounds. If sewing, nice clothes and fun new friends factor into your New Year plans, then this is your new favourite place. Find out more

“Love the vibe! A unique space to shop, browse and sew. Love the relaxed, friendly approach to classes. A great place to be creative, meet like-minded people and swap ideas.” – chrissiek


True Growth Gardening

Carlton North

We’re suckers for anything with “True” in the name, but that’s not the only reason True Growth Gardening is here. Chances are you’ll be too busy with stationery, yoga and killer massages to spend much time in the garden this year, so call in this crack team of green-fingered superheroes to pick up the slack. These guys’ll transform your garden into a true work of art, and look darn good doing it. Find out more

“Fantastic service, really knowledgeable and fairly priced! Definitely recommend.” – coburgians

melb_Love Your House

Love Your House

Albert Park

As important as your garden is, we don’t want the house getting jealous of all the attention. If you’d like to keep the place looking spotless while you’re off on your various futuristic 2016 adventures, you may want to try the services of the incomparable Fulvia of Love Your House. She’s a one-woman cleaning machine, and a bona fide Melbourne legend when it comes to zesty fresh spotlessness. Find out more

“We would be lost without Fulvia! On first meeting with Fulvia we had no hesitation in trusting her with the keys to our home. Fulvia is extremely thorough, has a great deal of pride in her work and is respectful of our possessions. She will always go above and beyond- even so far as untangling my necklace and playing with our cat! We feel like Fulvia is an invaluable asset to our family, and from day one we never felt like a stranger was in our home.” – darcie3184


Got any gems of your own to add to the list? Review them now on True Local!

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