Sydney’s best places to tick off your resolutions

The incredibly futuristic-sounding 2016 is upon us! Let’s all better ourselves in celebration.

Image credit: Sadhana Kitchen
Image credit: Sadhana Kitchen

Sadhana Kitchen


Generally, the less said about our eating habits over the Christmas period, the better. If you’ve decided on a drastic dietary shift to counteract all that damn gravy, then you may well be interested in the fresh, organic seasonal produce of Sadhana Kitchen, Sydney’s first organic wholefoods and raw food café. Trust us on this one; you haven’t tried high tea until you’ve tried vegan high tea. Find out more

Amazing food – love their selection of raw vegan cakes, smoothies and lunches. I tried coconut bacon for the first time here and it’s so much better than actual bacon. – Kara M


Grand Royal Thai Massage Sydney


Hold up, we know you’re eager to go full speed into the New Year, but take a moment to relax and de-stress. You’ll need to be prepared for all the rigours of life in the cyborg-space-future of 2016, so we’re referring you to one of Sydney’s finest massage parlours. The odd trip to the beautifully tranquil, well-priced Grand Royal will do you a whole world of good. Find out more

A terrific experience, I felt relaxed the moment I walked through the door and was given a lovely fragrant cup of herbal tea, feet washed and then an absolutely amazing massage. Very professional, courteous staff, I highly recommend. – Dizz


Image credit: Sydney Dance Company
Image credit: Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Dance Company

Dawes Point

Why do anything else when you could be dancing instead? We’ve asked many people, and none have provided a real answer yet. SDC offers fantastic classes in everything from hip hop to ballet to pilates, so make sure to head down and turn 2016 into your Year of the Dance. Find out more

I always wanted to try ballet classes and never really had the courage because… well… as a guy, I’d cop a lot of smack. Immediately, I was welcomed and made to feel comfortable in my decision. The teachers and the staff are all passionate about their art and relish in offering friendly advice and an extremely positive attitude. I am actually in love with this place. The prices are REALLY reasonable. – KamenRiderBlack





It pays to be as self-sufficient as possible here in the future, and that includes preparing your own sustenance. VictorsFood specialises in fun and engaging cooking/team-building classes for corporate clients, cooking parties for friends, fascinating national and international food tours, and many other enticing culinary experiences. It’s all as eye-opening as it is delicious, and guaranteed to delight. Find out more

Our chef was not only knowledgeable but he also had a great personality & a great sense of humour. The evening was interactive, competitive (we had to beat the other team of course with our fine displays of culinary mastery!!!!!) and a whole heap of fun!! We were taught to prepare, cook, and present our masterpieces – and best of all we then sat down together to consume what turned out to be an absolute banquet. – Bruno C


Image credit: Youtopia Fitness Studio

Youtopia Fitness Studio

Rushcutters Bay

We’ll kick things off with everyone’s favourite New Year’s resolution, shall we? Youtopia is an affordable, relaxed fitness centre with a refreshingly simple take on this whole “staying in shape” thing we’ve heard so much about. It focuses on healthier diet options, non-frustrating exercise, and even has a special introductory offer of free spin classes for two weeks. You’ll never find a friendlier gym! Find out more

Youtopia is the total antithesis of the testosterone gyms that we have come to hate. The atmosphere is calm & the one on one training is personally tailored to your fitness level & ability. You will be worked hard but somehow it’s not a chore. My fitness level has improved considerably & I have even come to enjoy the sessions. – NJ56



P & L Landscaping & Gardening Services


Let’s take a little break from you (don’t worry, we’ll get back there shortly) and focus on your garden for a bit. After all, with all this personal improvement going on, who’s got time for tending the shrubs? P & L Landscaping & Gardening Services, that’s who! These guys specialise in landscaping, lawn mowing, gardening and much more, and they’ll keep your yard looking picturesque all throughout the year. Find out more

Peter and his boys did a wonderful job, restoring our sad front yard into a beautiful entry to our home. It was a big job to take on, but they persevered and worked with great professionalism to get it done. They arrived when they said they would and Peter was always very good about letting us know what was happening next. They were friendly, cheerful and easy to work with. – I Heap



Shelf Life

Surry Hills

If you’re looking to update your feng shui a little this year, then Shelf Life is here to help. With its strong belief in “aesthetics, function and sustainability”, this charming shop stocks a gorgeous range of quality homeware that’s bound to inspire. Find out more

A cool little knickknack shop filled with home decor. They have a wider range online so check them out. – beanboy


Image credit: The Barber Shop
Image credit: The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop


Pretty much everything is drastically improved by the addition of a swanky cocktail bar, and traditional men’s barber shops are no exception. Not that this one needed much improvement, of course, as it’s one of the most reliable places in the city for quality, confirmed-for-cool haircuts. Stay ahead of the trends this year and sample a sumptuous selection of drinks, all in one handy spot! Find out more

Have had my last 4 haircuts at The Barber Shop. There’s some great banter between the staff, and you feel pretty safe that you’re going to get a good cut. It’s also cool to get your haircut in the entrance to a bar. Make sure you book. Very unlikely that you’ll get a walk-in on the day. – Andy Wright


Image credit: Grandma Takes a Trip
Image credit: Grandma Takes a Trip

Grandma Takes a Trip

Surry Hills

We may be living in the slick, hoverboard-filled future now, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about the past. Grandma Takes a Trip is a vintage fashion boutique that revels in digging up fabulous gems from around the 1950s-70s, sourcing its timeless wares from all across the world. It’s quirky, colourful, and overflowing with stuff you won’t find anywhere else in Sydney, so do take a peek for your 2016 fashion fix. Find out more

One of the best and most eclectic vintage stores in Sydney… what a find!! Don’t miss it! – jemjessie


Minx Hair Studio

Surry Hills

This one might not feature a built-in cocktail bar, but the wonderful things the staff can do for your hair will still leave you feeling tipsy with awe. These unisex hairdressers are serious pros, and they love to work their stylish magic on all who seek a fresh look. There are even discounts for kids and pensioners on weekdays, so all are most certainly welcome at the exceptional Minx Hair Studio. Find out more

At last I have found a salon that actually cares about getting the best result for their client rather than just pushing a more expensive treatment on them! Robin was excellent at consulting on my colour correction and the end result is amazing, such a friendly fun salon (thanks to Tony too!) no b**l, just honest brilliant service. – CatLee


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