Adelaide’s 5 Tastiest Noodle Bars

Nothing beats a hot plate of noodles in the winter, but it’s important to remember that not all noodles are created equal. We’ve scoured the city to bring you the very best!



Ajisen Ramen


A venerable Japanese chain approaching its 50th year in business, Ajisen works tirelessly to spread the joys of quality noodle soup all around the world. It’s a bright and happy venue with a host of flavours to choose from, but the original Ajisen Ramen with chasyu, egg and veg is definitely the place to start. Well, aside from the actual starters, of course. The crispy soft shell crab is awesome!

“I cannot explain how much I love Ajisens Ramen. Fantastic food but mostly busy when you’re hungry but with food that good it’s to be expected :D” – Gohoo!!



Thai in a Wok


You’ll find no shortage of Thai food in Adelaide’s restaurant scene, but you’ll only find one Thai in a Wok. This tucked-away little gem is renowned for its traditional décor, powerful flavours and unfailingly friendly service, and it’s well worth seeking out if you’re looking for some truly authentic grub. Try the rich and hearty Thai Laksa Talay, with mussels, prawns, scallops, squid and dumplings for a deliciously rich and warming dish.

“Best laksa in Adelaide (IMHO). Drunken noodles also delicious.” – Adelaidefoodlover


Adelaide Pho


Cheap prices, tons of variety and proper culinary craftsmanship make Adelaide Pho stand out amongst the city’s many Vietnamese options. There’s nothing like a big bowl of fiery pho for dispelling the winter chill, and this laid-back eatery serves up some of the yummiest in town. There’s a wide selection on offer, but we reckon you can’t go wrong with the classic Fresh Sliced Beef.

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Image credit: Sushi in the City
Image credit: Sushi in the City

Sushi in the City


Despite the name, sushi is but the tip of the tasty iceberg at this central Adelaide favourite. Sushi in the City has blossomed into a popular lunchtime haunt for many hungry souls, and its fresh and healthy Japanese delicacies always hit the spot. For a quick and filling meal on the go, it’s hard to top a lovely box of the Teriyaki Chicken Udon they do here. Exceptional foodsmanship indeed!

“Love Sushi in the City!!! It isn’t just about sushi rolls… there is so much to choose from!!! you can also dine in. I love the teriyaki chicken udon!!! It is is a great place to sit and eat or grab something on the go!!! I recommend you try it!!! I have been there a few times and everytime there is something new on the menu!!!” – Sharon Dredge

Other Noodles

Image credit: Little Chilli Padi
Image credit: Little Chilli Padi

Little Chilli Padi

Ascot Park

It might be called Little Chilli Padi, but it’s sure got a big heart! We feel it’s time for a dash of Malaysian flair, and this cosy, family-run restaurant is just the place to get it. It’s proud to incorporate the multicultural nature of Malaysia into its menu, with influences ranging from Chinese to Middle Eastern. As for the top noodle dish here? Make sure you try the devilishly spicy Har Mee prawn noodle soup. Wonderful stuff!

“A last minute recommendation led us to Little Chilli Padi. This is a great addition to the local area. A clean and comfortable restaurant with friendly staff. The five spice pork was delicious as was the salt and pepper tofu. The Har Mee was the pick of the night.” – 4chillis

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