Our Guide to Sydney’s 5 Most Nourishing Noodle Joints

There’s something super satisfying about that big sluuuuuurp you get when devouring a particularly tasty bowl of noodles. We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite spots in Sydney to satisfy your noodle craving. Whether it’s ramen, laksa or pho, we’ve got you covered!



Ryo’s Noodles

North Sydney

Anyone who frequents the various noodle bars of Sydney will tell that Ryo’s is as close as it gets to pure ramen heaven. This pleasantly yellow little venue offers quick and delectable eats, packed with powerful flavours and proper Japanese craftsmanship. If it’s your first time, go for the ramen in spicy hot flavoured soup with roast pork, egg and shallots. You’ll quickly see what all the fuss is about!

“If you wonder what the queue on Falcon St is, you can be sure that the people are trying to get into Ryo’s. It’s legendary, excellent ramen, swift service and bargain basement prices. Kids welcome. Definitely you will know why there’s always a queue once you’ve tried it.” – MustangSally



Malay Chinese Takeaway


There’s certainly no shortage of laksa spots in Sydney, but there will only ever be one Malay Chinese Takeaway. This Hunter Street stalwart has been around for nearly 30 years, and remains as friendly, affordable and committed to the fine art of deliciousness as it was the day it opened. Your laksa options are plentiful but you really can’t go past the King Prawn Laksa. The big juicy prawns immersed in a spicy, creamy broth make this an unbeatable dish.

“Hands down best laksa in Sydney no questions asked. Once you go there you won’t go anywhere else ^^” – Hsuza


Image credit: Pho Tau BAy
Image credit: Pho Tau BAy

Pho Tau Bay


Open all day long, Pho Tau Bay is an attractively cosy restaurant run by the nicest family you could ever hope to meet. You don’t need to worry about being short changed here as the portions would best be described as “immense”. If you want a noodle dish that’ll really impress, then order the famous house special Pho Dac Biet. The broth is a magical mix of sweet, salty and spicy, making it the perfect complement to the tender beef strips. Yum.

“One of my favourite Pho place in Cabramatta, owned and manage by a Chinese/Vietnamese family this place opens early for breakfast and caters till the evening. Broth is aromatic, deep in depth of umami from the bones and a little sweet with a hit of aniseed. My top 3 pho of #Cabramattamusteats while visiting cabramatta. Until next time … Keep eating!!!!” – Asianfoodninja


Image credit: Mappen
Image credit: Mappen


Bondi Junction

Eclectic décor, speedy self-service and ludicrously cheap prices put Mappen streets ahead in the Sydney udon game. Feast your eyes on the fascinating Japanese pop culture relics lining the walls, before tucking into a more literal feast of piping hot Curry Udon. As a deliciously surprising twist on traditional Japanese udon, this meal is a must for any true noodle fan.

“The bukkake udon here is just as good as the original store in the city. Just as cheap too. A favourite lunch time option when I’m in the area.” – ShrimpyNoodle

Xinjian Fried Noodles

Image credit: Chinese Noodle Restaurant
Image credit: Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Chinese Noodle Restaurant


Chinese Noodle Restaurant is always a buzzing hive of frantic activity, but the awesome staff ensure you’ll never have to wait too long to be served. The embroidered artwork and bunches of grapes dangling amidst the leafy ceiling make for a lovely setting, and the handmade Xinjian fried noodles are a wonderfully filling lunchtime treat. Not only are the portions huge, but you can also watch the chefs pulling the noodles before serving them up!

“This place is always full and busy when I visit, but it’s totally worth it. The food there is amazing and very very cheap. You can eat as much as you like just for a pocket change and not get hungry for the whole day. Service is always great. No matter how busy it is the staff attend to each customer frequently and never leave you waiting for your food.” – K.Egan

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