Naughty Nutella Treats in Brisbane

In the year 2015, Nutella has spread far beyond its ancestral jar. Here’s where the best of it has ended up.

TrueLocal - PUK Espresso: Nutella Treats in Brisbane

PUK Espresso

Kangaroo Point 
Lurking under the Story Bridge like some beautiful, benevolent troll, PUK Espresso is a charming café with a ton of character and a heck of a good menu. It also serves gallons of Moonshine coffee and cold-pressed juices to wash everything down with, so you can be full and refreshed! Imagine that!
» Best use of Nutella: Brioche bread stack topped with banana and berries, honeycomb, and hazelnut crumble with a quenelle of Nutella. Find out more

“Very cute little cafe in an otherwise sleepy part of Kangaroo Point!! Awesome coffee and reasonably priced food.” -KellyinBrisbane

TrueLocal - Alfred & Constance: Nutella Treats in Brisbane

Alfred & Constance

Alfred & Constance sounds more like characters in some 19th century Gothic novel than a trendy entertainment complex, but it’s most definitely the latter. Whether it’s the Vanguard Beer Garden and Restaurant, the White Lightening Tiki Bar, or Alfred’s Late Night Dessert Café, you’re in for a good time.
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella landslide – Nutella doughnut, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and hazelnuts. Find out more

“My favorite lunch in the world is the pork roll and cider from Alfred and Constance!” – Sophie000

TrueLocal - Denim Co.: Nutella Treats in Brisbane

Denim Co.

South Brisbane 

We always like a splash of high fashion in our cafes, so it’s nice to pop into Denim Co. to grab a chai latte and see what the young, attractive folks are wearing these days. How they stay so attractive with all those tantalising desserts around is another matter entirely, however…
» Best use of Nutella: Golden waffles with warm Nutella, caramel popcorn and vanilla ice cream. Find out more

“Relaxed service, good food and simple outdoor seating with a range of sweets on sale as well.” – werxj

TrueLocal - Nitrogenie: Nutella Treats in Brisbane


Noosa Heads
Not content to sit back and let others have all the fun, renowned ice cream experimentalist Nitrogenie has also gotten in on the Nutella act. The results are rather pleasing, as you’ll no doubt find out for yourself soon enough.
» Best use of Nutella: Creamy hazelnut chocolate ice cream served with a Nutella filled mini cone, topped with a sprinkle of hazelnuts. Find out more

“The line to Nitrogenie caught my attention. So I had to peep to see what people were lining up for”. – teepee001

TrueLocal - Cowch: Nutella Treats in Brisbane


South Brisbane

Well, look who it is! Some things in life are simply a given, aren’t they? The sun will rise and set, the Eurovision Song Contest will never go away, and Cowch will make it onto every single TrueLocal list from now until the end of time (which still won’t be enough to stop Eurovision). Cowch rocks!
» Best use of Nutella: Nutellos Desert Pizza. Find out more

“Cowch. South Brisbane. Great variety of food and drinks. Also not too expensive for what you get. Great atmosphere and open till late everyday” – The healers

TrueLocal - Harajuku Gyoza: Nutella Treats in Brisbane

Image credit: The Unlikely Foodie Brisbane

Harajuku Gyoza

Fortitude Valley

For those not in the know, gyoza are sort of crispy little Japanese dumplingy things that can be filled with practically anything (including Nutella). As you’d probably imagine, nobody else in Brisbane does them quite like Harajuku Gyoza, and it’s definitely an eating experience everyone should try.
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella and banana gyoza with ice cream. Find out more

“Delicious, definitely worth it!” – BennyB85

TrueLocal - Flour & Chocolate Patisserie: Nutella Treats in Brisbane

Many good things emerge from the skilful application of flour and chocolate, so we’re glad that Flour & Chocolate Patisserie sees fit to call attention to it in its very name. If you like your treats baked and chocolatey, this is one of those places you’ll simply never want to leave.
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella Gonuts. Find out more

“Am addicted to this place! Great produce & friendly staff :)” –AJL_83


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